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Stock, Aitken & Waterman

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Cowboystyle, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. Sold pretty well for a #5 hit too.
  2. The video smacks of 'X factor runner up single for an act not expected to do much other than a cover of a Beatles song'.
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  3. Probably cobbled together as last minute as Jason recording it.
  4. Loving the SAW Top 40 countdown videos, nice to see some surprises in there like Lonnie Gordon and Boy Krazy.

    Still waiting for Michael Davidson and EG Daily to appear...
  5. Think you may be waiting there Diana Ross...
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  6. To think, Nothing can divide us outsold 'Need you tonight' which is an absolute all time classic.
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  7. The irony that what divided Kylie from Jason was needing a bit of Michael.
  8. Keep waiting. And I'll keep waiting for Shattered Glass. We may be waiting and disappointed.
  9. I actually thought Boy Krazy might be higher and was surprised I Heard A Rumour wasn’t higher. So far a stellar collection of songs though
  10. Shattered Glass, is all kinds of amazing that song.
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  11. Yep. Last year I got the DJ at the SAW party post Sonia gig at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern to play it and it was amazing hearing it on a night out. That was my last night out in a club. *sobs*
  12. I only actually listened to and grew to love Donna Summers SAW album a few years ago after reading the praise on here for it and it really is an amazing album. The Only One is my absolute favourite track on the album and actually one of my all time favourite SAW songs, it's just so amazing! What a missed opportunity for another huge single, could have followed I Don't Wanna Get Hurt as the 3rd single or even This Time I Know It's For Real as the 2nd single.

  13. I think any song from Another Place and Time could have been a single. Such a solid album.

    I still find it fascinating how North America was so hot-and-cold with the SAW sound. In some instances, songs charted higher (Venus, I Heard a Rumour and Together Forever getting to #1 in the US). I had no idea until today that Rick Astley's It Would Take a Strong Strong Man hit #1 here in Canada as I have no recollection of it being a big hit here.
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  14. Kylie, WOW! and Another Place In Time, are just all perfect late 80s dance pop albums, and triumphs for Stock Aitken Waterman.
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  15. I love SAW, but I think they’re at their best when they’re working with artists who bring something extra to the table. FLM’s brilliant - filled to the brim with sass and attitude; WOW, on the other hand, captured Bananarama’s larger-than-life personality and set the standard for what a fun record should sound like while Donna Summer brought a certain sophistication to their work through her phrasing. The same is true of their work with Pete Burns and Rhythm of Love era Kylie. When SAW goes on autopilot (especially post 1988), their lack of quality control becomes an issue.
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  16. FLM is another superb album as well. All killer no filler.
  17. I really like most of FLM but System isn’t the most exciting song. Replace that with That’s The Way It Is and it’s a perfect album. I also love You Changed My Life - what a belter!
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  18. You Changed My Life, what a song! Mel and Kim may have alas due to tragic circumstances only had such a short career as a duo, but at least with their final two recordings with this and That's The Way It Is, they bowed out in style.
  19. "Youthquake" is one of my all time favourite top ten literally blew my 15 year old mind when it came out in 1985! "You spin me round" is nowhere near the top five best songs on that album! I'm a big fan of early SAW.
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  20. Early SAW (84-86) sounds worlds apart compared to Heyday SAW (87-89). Not a criticism for either side too.
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