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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Cowboystyle, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. WAIT yes that was what I thought too.
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  2. That makes sense! Thanks.
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  3. I've had this epiphany before. Wouldn't her best friend know that guy was Sinitta's? It's like Sinitta had kept him a secret from her best friend to start with.

    It only makes sense if Sinitta's 'guy' wasn't actually hers in reality - just a guy she was crushing on. And then her best friend snagged him first. But even then, she should probably have known that Sinitta was after him.
  4. 'Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi' could have been a thematic follow up to Bill Wyman's '(Si Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star'.
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  5. 'Je suis une flop star' would have been more appropriate.
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  6. Did not know where else to post this, and maybe it has been posted before, but I came across this track a few weeks ago, and felt it has PWL all over it - but was not a PWL track at all!
    I'm sure @Vasilios will approve...

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  7. @WoW73 there was a thread in Comeback Corner some years ago for faux PWL-sounding tracks, like this, but I can't find it.
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  8. Apologies for the shameless self-promotion, but I thought if anyone would care about a Stock Aitken Waterman podcast it would be you lot. We're four episodes in to A Journey Through SAW, which is working its way chronologically through every single produced by SAW, with discussion and interviews. I spoke to Haywoode and Princess this week for upcoming episodes, and have done interviews with Hazell Dean, Phil Harding, Edwina Lawrie, Michael Prince, Youth, Steve Grant and Danse Society so far. More to come!
    Here's the Apple link:
    And Spotify:
    Would love to hear your feedback - feel free to message me.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2021
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  9. I’ve already listened to the first two episodes on the interweb site, but thank you for the Spotify link! I LOVE the podcast and warmly recommend it to anyone, such great work from you guys. Can’t wait for the future episodes!
  10. This sounds exactly up my street, already listening to episode 1!
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  11. I know Big Fun not the most popular of SAW acts but I always did enjoy their debut and only album! So i decided to remix and reproduce a version of the should have been single "We're In This Love Forever" - more of a dance mix....and sorry for the glitchy acapella but something a but different for a great song!

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  12. Bop
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  13. This podcast is amazing. We need a complete, comprehensive review of SAW and this is what you are giving us! I found out about it via Popbitch.
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  14. That's the aim! We start 1986 tomorrow - we're in for the long haul!
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  15. The A Journey Through SAW podcast is fantastic, I’m a lifelong fan but fining our lots of stuff I didn’t know already. The interviews are amazing too, can’t believe so many of the acts are taking part. This is a must listen podcast
  16. Can't believe I've missed these podcasts-think may have to rectify this!
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  17. I can’t quite believe how well we’ve done with interviews so far. No luck with Sara, Keren and/or Siobhan yet though.
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  18. I’m not much of a podcaster but I’ve been listening to these to and from work and they are amazing. I don’t want them to end!
  19. I absolutely echo what @nanafan says, I’m just back from a long walk and have listened to another couple of episodes and Iansolutely loved them, even about the songs I didn’t know. Well done.
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  20. I'm dying to hear you interview Sonia @SmashHitter . You have to ask her about the Dawn French parody.
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