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Stock, Aitken & Waterman

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Cowboystyle, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. Aww, wow!! That's fab news, very pleased for you.
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  2. Speaking of Mandy, which this thread was recently, the latest episode of A Journey Through SAW features an interview with Suzanne Rhatigan talking about her input on the Mandy records. You all knew about that, right? And O'chi talking about her duet with Rick.
  3. Oh sweet illusions are shattered. It certainly explains that ghostly quality to her vocals. Fantastic podcast guys, thank you.
  4. Is this your podcast? I haven’t heard of it. Now starting episode one on Spotify…
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  5. Looking forward to hearing who the Ghost vocalists on some of the Pat and Mick vocals were, especially on Use it up.... which is just a sea of vocalists. I haven't stopped dancing yet you can hear Mick a fair bit in the 'you're all I ever wanted in a girl' parts.
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  6. The one time I wanted to play a podcast it's not playing dd.
    Are these region specific?
  7. Not as far as I know. Should play everywhere. Where are you? If it won’t play on streaming, try it on the Chart Beats website and let me know if still no luck.
  8. I played it there yes thanks!
    It also works on Spotify today.
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  9. This is not a drill. The I Should Be So Lucky episode is now live.
  10. To be the highlight so far am sure.
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  11. Both Sinitta and Kim Appleby are so giving and generally amazing on the podcast too. Sunshine incarnate.
  12. The most interesting aspect of the podcast is hearing from those who worked behind the scenes - very insightful. I particularly like hearing from Karen Hewitt.
  13. I hope there are many more Kylie/SAW podcast to follow!
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  14. I'd imagine the big Kylie hits will get a special episode each. Especially for you, Hand on your heart, Better the devil you know etc.
  15. So recently you may recall I did a couple of remixes of Beyond Your Wildest Dreams by Lonnie Gordon as whilst I liked the track I felt it needed an upbeat version. I was quite pleased with the results so sent it to Lonnie to listen to and to my surprise she really liked it. After a bit of back and forth with her and her assistant, she asked to use the track for some upcoming club gigs which I was so pleased with. Unfortunately these aren't going ahead at this time, but I have to say this has been a real pleasure for me getting her input and switching things up to recreate this track. The version here is one I did after my initial mix - changing the bassline and instrumentation and is not the one Lonnie is planning to use but I wanted to share it with you guys on here. Enjoy!

  16. Good job once again, and congrats for your success with it too.
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  17. Thank you for your kind words as always. I know just baby steps but considering I only learned how to create music and mix over the past year I’m really pleased!
  18. You're welcome, and have every right to be feeling pleased about it too.
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  19. Great job, hopefully Lonnie might use it later on?
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  20. Thank you. I hope so too. She wanted something that would fit in with she SAW material so hopefully I achieved that with a few new elements for good measure.
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