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Unpopular opinion but I think I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt was totally wrong for Donna. It’s a teenagers song so should have been Sonia. Donna was all about belting it out, which Love’s About To Change My Heart captures perfectly for her
Sinitta would have worked on the song like a glove too, I think. And Donna would elevate I Don't Believe in Miracles to heaven, hell and back.
I agree, it would have worked for Sinitta, maybe was written with her in mind
I feel like it needs someone with a bit of a relationship track record. Could Sonia have convincingly sung about “just another heartache” at her tender age? Sinitta, yes. I think Donna lends it some gravity but it is more sing-songy than the other singles.
With the Band Aid II discussion, I feel obliged to (re-)post this gem... where Kylie forgets the name of the woman from the 'Feel the World' video who'd co-write her biggest hit in 11 years' time, and also gets told to shut up by one of the dancers in the 'Locomotion' video ddd.

Was the man in Home & Away as Irene's son? Nathan or something like that.
Living for Bananarama looking like they'd rather be anywhere else.

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I was 11 when this song came out, I never knew when I was in my 40’s I’d have to donate to feed people in my own country. Love to everyone who has to choose between heating and eating . Please remember there is a part of our society that cares.