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I agree, it would have worked for Sinitta, maybe was written with her in mind
I feel like it needs someone with a bit of a relationship track record. Could Sonia have convincingly sung about “just another heartache” at her tender age? Sinitta, yes. I think Donna lends it some gravity but it is more sing-songy than the other singles.
With the Band Aid II discussion, I feel obliged to (re-)post this gem... where Kylie forgets the name of the woman from the 'Feel the World' video who'd co-write her biggest hit in 11 years' time, and also gets told to shut up by one of the dancers in the 'Locomotion' video ddd.

Was the man in Home & Away as Irene's son? Nathan or something like that.
Living for Bananarama looking like they'd rather be anywhere else.

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I was 11 when this song came out, I never knew when I was in my 40’s I’d have to donate to feed people in my own country. Love to everyone who has to choose between heating and eating . Please remember there is a part of our society that cares.