Stock, Aitken & Waterman

Apropos of nothing, does anyone know if this - predominantly S/A/W - Hazell megamix ever received a CD release? I think it was on the Turn It Into Love 12" remix, but that was it.

In 1988, Luv' in the original line up (Marga, Patty, Jose) performed on national TV for a good cause (a hits medley, see potato video below). The response was positive, so a reunion was plannend, but Jose pulled out, and then Patty decided not to go ahead with it either. But Marga, who by this time had secured the rights to the Luv' name and logo, went on with Diana and Michelle. The line up drama did not end there, and kept the tabloids interested in the band without them scoring a hit ever again.

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I have to say so far part one of the c5 docu has been far better than expected. Proper chronological telling of the story with some of the key artists. I’ve always loved SAW and hope that they do get the respect that’s well overdue at this stage. So many classic tracks from their purple patch. I shed a tear (again) at the Mel Appleby section. So very sad.
What an absolute fantastic documentary that was. No narrator trying to be funny, no talking heads of celebrity super fans, just the people who were actually there and part of the Hit Factory Story. Like how it was split into 2 parts as well, meant that it didn't feel rushed and it had time to breathe. Can't wait for part 2.
Did anyone notice the real sync issues with the greatest hits videos shown after the documentary? So many way out of time with the music which made the miming look worse than it originally was! Really annoying me to watch!