Stock, Aitken & Waterman

And also...where was Opus III in all of this? Iconic! Credible! Powerful! Spiritual!

Does this come under the whole 'dance music bought from elsewhere and distributed' umbrella?

My bizarre memory reminds me that the singer's dad wrote the Grange Hill theme and she once got glue in her eye. Thank you Going Live interview circa early 1992.

They did another song, When You Made the Mountain, that I loved, but tanked. Then I found it at a London CD exchange in the 00s and it sucked.
I wish they had had more success with their more R&B pop after Princess in 1985:

All very purple.

Thank you for posting Getting Closer. One of my absolute favourite SAW tracks (Haywoode's original or Kylie cover). The whole Princess / Ochi / Haywoode / Brilliant / Mel & Kim era was such a joy. And then they went down the Sinitta / Rick route (sorry, I know your love for Toy Boy!).
Pete, sitting on chair, interview camera at a dutch angle: "Noel was sitting across from our studio and he was playing his Sega Game Gear. He tried to tell me about how good it were. "Super Sonic?", I said, "I'd rather have a gin and tonic" *twirls his fingers in a cycle gestures* And then the kid went off and wrote a bloody song".