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Stooshe - Lock Down & Second Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Sep 23, 2015.

  1. So they started filming their new music video today (seems that they're filming it in London and LA) and some of it's located in a women's prison:


    I'm liking their look, really hoping for good things with this one.
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  2. Love these girls, looking forward to a second album. Hopefully this one will stick a bit more to the original Stooshe 'flavour'... their debut seemed to have a lot of label intervention, which is fine and I enjoy it a lot, but I think they've got more up their sleeves than the general public have seen.
  3. im glad it looks like they're actually making an effort.
  4. A women's prison? Hmmm.
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  5. Maybe they'll do Beyond Scared Straight but for other pop groups who are on the verge of flopping.
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  6. Courtney looks great. It's impressive how much she changed since the Fuck Me days.
  7. Wow they all look good. Courtney should keep the long hair.
  8. I laughed.
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  9. I didn't realise how 'here for this' I was until I saw that photo. Can't wait!
  10. Where else would you stick them after they murdered a TLC song?
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  11. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....
  12. They look gorgeous! Really glad to see that they're taking it seriously and going for it once again
  13. They better drop the "lol" pop sound.
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  14. Wow, I am surprised they are still going. Well, I did like them for a bit but I went off them because their style was a bit boring.

    I much prefer neon jungle.
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  15. Good luck with that.
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  16. My friend Google, you don't know her...
  17. They may have only lasted for one album but any of their first 3 singles destroy Stooshe's entire discography.
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  19. I know it's premature, but I like what I hear so far...
  20. Already in love and dying to watch them perform it, they always sell the songs live.
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