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Stooshe - Lock Down & Second Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Sep 23, 2015.

  1. I'm assuming this flopped horribly. It's only got 12k plays on Spotify.
  2. It never entered the Top 300 on iTunes all week so it probably sold like 200 copies.
  3. Hey,

    New single 'Let It Go' is out on Friday. Does anybody still care?
  4. It sounds good from the preview and the video looks like it'll be good too. I'm just wondering who the hell is funding them?
  5. The video looks like it's going to be great, I',m excited!
    It's such a shame that this will flop though.
  6. The video was just premiered here:

    I'm not sure about the video yet, but I can use the song. It's rather good, and different from what they've done before.

    This is a sponsored video again, like Lock Down. But yea, their video budgets are impressive.
  7. I really love the new video and song.
  8. The video is great!! I still have no idea how they get the budget for these two videos post LWTLO, but at this point I'm just happy they are still together. The song is good and I will probably use it but, again, like with Lockdown, it's nothing impressive and not really what they need to become relevant again, we already have M.O doing these kinds of songs.
    I wish they went back to the style they had at the beginning, that was cool and original.
  9. It's a nice song but it sounds like something that should've been released 2/3 years ago.
  10. I thought it sounded very Ella Eyre.
    Which is a good thing! I like it.

    The video is also pretty good.
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  12. It's ok I guess. Although I'm missing their early sounding stuff. I hope there's something like that on the album if they ever release it.
  13. I really like the song and video. It's a step up from Lock Down. When is the album out? Do we know much about any other tracks?
  14. Definitely a big upgrade over their last release all around. I'm not sure it will be enough to get them back into the conversation, though. Track is good but does feel slightly dated.

    I'm not sure who sponsored the video after watching it, to be honest.
  15. Has this even done anything? Their last single didn't even touch the Top 300.
  16. Who are they being playlisted by?
  17. I have heard nothing from them since Slip. Nobody is playing their music, they should probably call it a day at this point.
  18. I need the other song that was shown after the Lock Down video.
  19. I feel like they've lost part of their identity with this song. It doesn't really sound 'Stooshe' to me. But I guess they are trying to release something commercial, which it's not a bad idea.
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  20. I agree. The song and video are very good.
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