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Stooshe - Lock Down & Second Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Sep 23, 2015.

  1. I love both the song and video but I think the only issue is that the track is a bit faceless. They need to be carving their own identity and coming up with tracks that will set them apart from other acts. I feel bad that radio just dropped them like a stone but I suppose it was to be expected. I admire their determination and if an album comes I'll definitely be buying it.
  2. It's very Sigma.
  3. I didn't think it was THAT boring. I thought of Rudimental.
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  4. When Stooshe came out with Black Heart and Slip I thought fairplay decent girlband good vocals, edgy, good music - what the bloody hell happened to them? Why did radio drop them? I loved Lockdown.
  5. Radio never really got on board with them as an 'entity'. Black Heart was a one-off because it was an amazing song, regardless of who was singing it, and it had precisely nothing to do with the band being cool or good or interesting, so radio had no reason to continue supporting. It's a shame really.
  6. Radio supported "Waterfalls", no? Of course we all know what happened with that...

    I suspect "Let It Go" would fare slightly better if it was sold as "Anon Producer &/x/feat. Stooshe". Then again, after Rudimental, Sigma, Chase & Status et al this sound might be becoming a bit old hat as far as the public is concerned. If they weren't really here for Ella Eyre last summer, how far are indie Stooshe going to go?

    Lush video, however - no sign of product placement that I could see either. Who's funding them?
  7. I do feel really bad for them over the whole Waterfalls situation. It killed all momentum they had.
  8. The momentum was drifting away when they failed to release the album right after "Black Heart" - releasing an album with the second of two consecutive top 5 singles would have given London With The Lights On a much better shot. I'm still not sure why they delayed the album to make what were ultimately really minor changes.

    I like Let It Go but am trying to figure out who is going to playlist it. I don't see Capital suddenly becoming big fans just because they've gone all dancey.
  9. Any news on Stooshe?
  10. I found the delay odd, but it was the girls who delayed it. For some reason, I can imagine they were very difficult to work with. In a short space of time the person who wrote all their (amazing) songs and put them together severed ties with them followed by their management and label.
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  11. I've given up on them releasing an album now. The two singles are pretty crap so it's no loss I guess. Shame as their first album was decent.
  12. Yeah, I love their album, but they're done for now.
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  13. No hope then... wish their first album was available on the itunes of my country...
  14. Let It Go is a tune. And the video is nice.
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  15. They posted this.

    Hey Squad
    You ready to hear new music???

    We are Going on tour and would love to come to a city near you.

    Its easy all you need to do is go to and vote for us to come and play in your home town!

    Easy!! Cant wait to see all our squad out there.

    Big X K, C and A x x x
  16. They're still going? If the new music is anything like the two singles then I'm OUT.
  17. so basically they just need the coins and they're not going to even attempt at a hit anymore
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  19. Comeback Corner...?
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  20. I thought they were being revived for real for a second. I wanted to support them but their debut album was so creatively bankrupt and an unsatisfying listen that it really left a bitter taste in my mouth with them.

    Despite them saying the label has interfered too much in their album, most of the feistiness from their pre-label days were washed clean, and it’s evermore present in the “new” tracks they added to the album (“Slip” is a fantastic song though). Out of the 19 tracks (I don’t count the “Outtakes”), I only kept 6 (and “Love Me” was not one of them since the explicit original is the definitive version IMHO).
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