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Stooshe - Lock Down & Second Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Sep 23, 2015.

  1. Oh, Stooshe. So much potential sadly wasted.
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  2. While we're here, I found a couple of interviews with Karis:

  3. Glad she's having some success! She was always my favourite.

    All three of them deserved much better really.
  4. Did I just cry hearing their version of Waterfalls for the first time? Maybe so!
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  5. Black Heart remains a tune.
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  6. “Slip” doesn’t get the respect it deserves.

    Also, “Kiss Chase” should’ve been the fourth single.
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  7. Oh god I loved Stooshe so much they deserved so much better !
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  8. I loved them from day one. Their mixtape bopped.
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  9. I still have the promo 11/12-track version of their debut that got pulled. Shame.

  10. The way it killed their career... iconic
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  11. Their version of Waterfalls was inescapable when it came out nn. It was their pretence it never happened because they never wanted to release it in the first place that did more damage than anything.
  12. Sis it flopped. First single of theirs to miss the top 5... by a huge margin.
  13. I much preferred the original album art work as well.
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  14. They were iconic. Did they ever say anything as to why they just vanished?
  15. Wasn’t that courtesy of Girls Aloud? I remember the industry whispers that it was meant the be Children in Need single (which would’ve made the decision to cover it make sense) but then “Something New” happened.

    Either way, it’s a big OOPS.
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