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Stooshe - London With The Lights On

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by absintheboy, Mar 17, 2011.

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  1. What is it like to live in a post-JackIsCool world?
  2. RJF


    I think "Slip" paints them into a corner sonically. The retro vibe of "Black Heart" was just a part of that song's charms, whereas I feel they've allowed that to infect and consume their sound as a whole since then. The sound, the video, even the delivery, are all so strictly uniform that any kind of spark and personality has just been drained out of them completely. Then again, I'm not even too sure if they had that broad a spectrum to work with in that regard to begin with.
  3. Haha yeah I'm not sure if that is the correct term but it was the best way I could think of to describe something that was the opposite of a grower.
  4. I know, but, how many tracks can they cut and replace... they wont give us a 24 track album, so I'm interested to see how many make the cut and whether they're old, old Stooshe or just old, originally on the main album Stooshe. Remarkably, in a way, they've got three albums... the 2011 stuff, the 2012 cancelled album and whatever we get in May (if they don't change the date again).

    EDIT: According to wiki, the standard edition tracklist was confirmed on April 9th?

    1. Slip
    2. Black Heart
    3. Love Me (featuring Travie McCoy)
    4. London With The Lights On
    5. Your Own Kind Of Beautiful
    6. See Me Like This
    7. Perfectly Wrong
    8. Turning Me On
    9. Kiss Chase
    10. My Man Music
    11. Jimmy
    12. That Man

    So they've cut Waterfalls and Aint No Other Me, and added Slip, London With The Lights On and That Man. The deluxe edition is going to be even more interesting... this is such a odd turn of events. The new album is hardly any different really. I don't know why they couldn't have put the album out as it was, and just done a deluxe reissue in May with the three new tracks on, like most people do these days.
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  5. At least we're finally getting this album. I'll be interested to hear if the mixes of the songs are different then if they weren't happy with them before the album got cancelled.

    The chorus of 'Slip' reminds me of a song and it's REALLY annoying me which one it is...
  6. Wikipedia doesn't offer a source for this tracklist so I wouldn't take it as gospel just yet.
  7. Have Your Own Kind of Beautiful, See Me Like This, and Perfectly Wrong all in a row would be a big mistake (in my opinion)...
    They're such dull tracks (although I actually like See Me Like This)...
    I hope this isn't legit...
  8. Perfectly Wrong is the best of those 3 by a massive margin. See Me Like This has a weak chorus.
  9. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I don't know, I think maybe because it's uptempo you're more inclined to think this than you might have been about 'Black Heart'. The melody is really strong, and perhaps the production does push them a little too far into the post-Winehouse wheelhouse, but I think they can move forward without that sound.
  10. I disagree, Perfectly wrong is like a bit of fluff. There's been tuning issues on both versions I've heard, I just think we don't need it really.

    The tracklisting here looks better than the last to me! :)
  11. I get Never Can Say Goodbye by Jackson 5 from the chorus melody.
  12. Excited to hear the new songs, and hope the new mixes of the old songs give them a new lease of life.
  13. omg a ballad!!!!! cannot wait!!!!!!
  14. This is out in Ireland now.
  15. They're performing it on The Voice of Ireland tonight, so that would explain the early release.
  16. Great! Anyone have a link to the performance?
  17. I've really disliked everything they've released so far but I love this.
  18. So is it really bad this is only at #185 on iTunes so far?
  19. No, it's not out for another month and it hasn't been playlisted yet. They really need to be in the next Radio 1 playlist, though.
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