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Stooshe - London With The Lights On

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by absintheboy, Mar 17, 2011.

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  1. Re: Stooshe - Album discussion

    Were the results of the survey that the majority wanted an album of Black Heart soundalikes? Cos that's what we've basically got. There are a few stand out tracks of the Stooshe we all used to know and love but, otherwise, this is pretty dull. And that's a real let down.

    I can only hope the new songs they're writing/recording replace the bland ballads which just don't suit the group at all. Black Heart is brilliant but an album full of songs which sound exactly the same make the group seem like one trick ponies. When we all know there are anything but that.
  2. Re: Stooshe - Album discussion

    Well, the "original album" would have been...

    F**ck Me
    Betty Woz Gone
    Hoochi Mumma
    My Man Music
    Kiss Chase
    Inbred City
    Whatta Man

    ...or something like that, right?
  3. Re: Stooshe - Album discussion

    I'd like to think Black Heart would have been on the original album anyway. It is a great song as their token ballad but it should not be the musical direction they take.
  4. Re: Stooshe - See Me Like This/Waterfalls

    Well... I thought about that - but then that's how I would label a song of theirs... but as it's a title, you wouldn't put a capital on every word, so no sorry I don't want to change it :p
  5. Re: Stooshe - Album discussion

    although... everyone else has... so fuck it ok then.
  6. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Surveys are part of nearly every release / campaign.
  7. Re: Stooshe - Album Discussion

    Stooshe is the only band I've been sent a survey from asking me to give feedback on new songs for ages. The last time that happened was when Republica sent me a cassette with snippets on in 1993.
  8. Re: Stooshe - Album Discussion

    See Me Like This is surely the way to go with their sound, it's commercial enough. But doesn't completely get rid of the personality of their early stuff.
  9. Re: Stooshe - Album Discussion

    I do find the latter songs on the album FAR more exciting. What do we think for next single if it happens? 'Ain't No Other Me' is quite Christmassy so maybe should have been released instead of 'Waterfalls'. But if we're looking for Save The Album singles then I think either 'Kiss Chase' or 'My Man Music' (which I LOVE!).
  10. Re: Stooshe - Album Discussion

    I literally can't find this anywhere. :(

    Is it the deluxe album or the standard?
  11. Re: Stooshe - Album Discussion

    Yeah, I wanted My Man Music as the second single for the summer and then Black Heart to lead the album.

    Basically, that should have happened. Don't think it will help save the album though, they'll need a huge new song for that.
  12. Re: Stooshe - See Me Like This/Waterfalls

    Oh please. You can call the person leaking an album a twat in 99% of cases but frankly if this album wasn't leaked by someone then we probably wouldn't ever get to hear it. If I had the album I probably would have leaked it so the fans who've been completely fucked over by Stooshe's management have got SOMETHING.

    And of course it's entirely their management's fault if they get dropped. The fans didn't select 'Waterfalls' as a single.
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  13. Re: Stooshe - Album Discussion

    I really wish a HQ rip of the Perfectly Wrong demo leaked.
  14. Re: Stooshe - Album Discussion

    Do you mean the one that came with the survey? Or is there an earlier version you want?
  15. Re: Stooshe - Album Discussion

    The survey one, I have it but it's not the greatest quality.
  16. Re: Stooshe - Album Discussion

    I have done surveys for tons of EMI artists, normally through an online 'agent' shall we say. I remember when they played me Atomic Kitten's version of Lately and then months later it had been given to Lisa Scott-Lee instead. Sad times.
  17. Re: Stooshe - Album Discussion

    So this album is kinda great. What a pity.
  18. Re: Stooshe - Album Discussion

    It's kinda crap, but who knew Things That make You Go... had it's own artwork? From iTunes Finland.

  19. Re: Stooshe - Album Discussion

    Yay i've found the album! (finally...)
  20. Re: Stooshe - Album Discussion

    I like it, actually, except for Stooshe's cartoon font.
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