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Stranger Things

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by YourTerribleMuriel, May 22, 2016.

  1. ''It's the early Eighties and in a small American town dark forces are stirring. A 12-year-old boy is missing, a monster stalks the woods, a young girl with seemingly supernatural powers has escaped a government facility. Thus begins Stranger Things, a forthcoming Netflix thriller described as a "love letter" to sci fi classics such as ET and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.''

    Yes Netflix! Give me that Winona Ryder fix I needed. She really suits anything with a horror or creepy twist. Premieres in July!
  2. *please don't be anything like Hemlock Grove*
  3. adz


    Sounds awesome. I'm in.
  4. Maybe I'm still stuck in the 90s but I'm always up for anything with Winona.

    The trailer doesn't look that bad. I'll watch it.
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  5. Looks interesting and I love Winona so I'm definitely gonna be watching. Some of the Netflix original series have not been so high in quality so fingers crossed this will be a good one.
  6. This look's amazing, I already can't wait to binge watch.
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  7. Excited for this and glad the trailer really doesn't give anything away.
  8. So this is out now. Debating whether to start this tonight (it looks gorgeous and the whole 80s/Stephen King vibe is right up my street) OR whether to start season 2 of Mr. Robot.
  9. Watch Mr. Robot, the two episode season premiere is incredible. But I will be watching this over the weekend for sure.
  10. I'm going to check this out tomorrow. What is Mr. robot?
  11. I'm going to start this tonight. The visuals and score look and sound amazing.
  12. I'll watch as I absolutely adore Winona.

    Would I rather she was still making Oscar worthy movies though? probably.
  13. I'm watching the first episode right now and the soundtrack is everything. Queen Winona is also really good too.
  14. The first episode was great. Definitely intrigued and seems like the best 'new' Netflix show this year or at least so far.
  15. Eleven is really serving Natalie Portman in 'V for Vendetta' with that buzz cut.
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  16. Just finished my binge watch.

    Short version:
    Starts out as a B+, ends up a B-.

    Long version:
    Kids playing Dungeons & Dragons. Bike rides through the night. Girls with superpowers. Shadowy government creeps. Monsters! I would have loved this show as a ten year old.
    As an adult, I still enjoy it. But it must be said that the show never really reaches the heights of all the 80s entertainment that influenced it. It's all a little bit predictable and the emotional moments don't land as well as they should. It's not the acting. Winona Ryder tries to squeeze as much out of her role as possible, but when the writers have her do pretty much nothing but cry and cry and cry for episode after episode it comes across as more melodramatic than authentic.
    Unfortunately it also loses a bit of steam towards the end. On the one hand, the last episode is filled with action. On the other hand it's super uninspired, the monster design, once revealed, is actually pretty lame and the monster CGI is just ridiculously bad for a 2016 show.
    Nonetheless, there are a lot of fun moments along the way. So if you're in any way a fan of E.T., or the Goonies, or anything along those lines, you'll find a lot of things to enjoy here.
  17. Not sure what to make of the first episode. It was almost like such an overt homage to the movies of that era that it forgot to have its own identity. Good acting, but Winona's character is fucking unbearable.
  18. Millie Brown is really quite good in that role as well (most of the child actores did well). I was wondering if I had seen the actress before, and then I realised her face just somehow reminded me of Melanie Lynskey.

    I agree (and also mention it in the the spoiler part of my previous post). If it helps, she does display a bit more agency towards the end of the season.
  19. I absolutely loved the first 3 episodes and the finale. The other episodes drag a bit but there's lots of fun to be had here if you enjoy horror/sci-fi elements. Definitely one of Netflix's best.
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