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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by YourTerribleMuriel, May 22, 2016.

  1. This show making me think Kate Bush had died or something, good LORD.
  2. I finally got around to watching the first two episodes of S3 this evening, and my, what a lovely step up from the slightly average S2 it already is.
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  3. Finished the new episodes last night, and I'm really digging this season overall. I hadn't realized there's going to be a season five as well? Damn, we're overflowing! I haven't found the extra long episodes draggy or anything at all. Very pleased.
  4. Just finished the season and like a few have mentioned, the extra long episodes didn’t feel long at all. The only episode that dragged was episode 5? I felt nothing happened during that episode. Personally, pacing myself made me enjoy the season much more than any others (Or it’s just that much better than previous seasons).

    Interesting theme brought up about past traumas and how it can be used to manipulate you. I hope it’s explored more and maybe other themes in the final season. The score this season has been absolutely flawless!
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  5. Maybe I'm just thick because I did not make the connection/see the episode 7 twist coming at all.

    I really feel for the actors playing Mike, Will and Jonathon. They got such a shit deal this season. At this point, I don't even really care about Jonathon anymore.
  6. No, but

    How am I still sobbing at this.

    Imagine if this season was aired weekly. The week we would have after that.
  7. He


    Indeed, I think so many moments could have benefited from weekly releases and have gone viral and what not.
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  8. Someone needs to get this Strings version on streaming.

    I was convinced Max was a goner at this point.
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  9. I was just about to come in and say the same thing, I need this version on streaming!
  10. A house a few doors down was playing some horrible 80s compilation yesterday and had the audacity to skip Running Up That Hill in order to repeat the crime against humanity that is Come on Eileen.
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  11. Just finished watching. I enjoyed it, but not as much as the previous seasons. I loved the first 3/4 episodes and the last half of episode 7, but everything in between felt a little like a chore to go through and I even fast forwarded most of Hopper scenes. I really hope they’ll give Joyce more to do in the next episodes because she was really underused this season. Overall it was pretty good, could have and should have been a little shorter, and I’m looking forward to the season’s ending.
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  12. I know it's a saying more than something anyone does actually that often. I was lying down on my couch and my Gosh. I actually got up and went to sit on the edge of the seat of my couch. I can't remember if I actually watched anyting before on the edge of the seat before.
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  13. you really have the WORST neighbours, ugh.
  14. I’ve just finished it, don’t understand the comments about it feeling bloated, I was enthralled every single minute, and I have zero attention span. I think it’s the best season so far?

    A question:

    Is Vecna the ultimate big bad or is the Mind Flayer? Cos Dustin referred to Vecna as the Mind Flayer’s general or whatever, but surely Vecna is more powerful than a big monster?

    Also, are the demogorgan’s, mind flayed and Vecna all connected?

    And I took it to mean that 001/Vecna created the Upside Down, which explains why it’s stuck on one date. I don’t think Eleven simply opened a gate to something already there.
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  15. He


    I don’t think the upside down was created then, I think it just copied that day and time period that went through the opened gate. It makes more sense that way, to me.
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  16. Interesting read. Apparently, Kate is a big fan of the show.

    I love that this show has introduced Kate to all the kids (meaning, anyone under 75). Perhaps this unexpected attention will convince Kate to hurry up with her next album.
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  17. So I saw a video earlier that showed a few key moments in earlier seasons and you can hear the grandfather clock noise (one was with Will in season one, Hopper in another, etc.) and I'm trying to find it but, if it's true, I love that it's all been connected since the first season.
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  18. Just popping in as only seen up to ep 4 of the new season.

    Y'all weren't joking about ep4 huh? Wow. And my favourite thing was that I thought they'd missed a trick not redeeming Billy at all in season 3 in regards to Max - their relationship was adversarial at best and the ramifications on Max of Billy’s death felt not entirely earnt. But the bit of the 'Dear Billy' letter when Max talks about what could have been and the hope for them to be friends, like a real brother and sister pieced it all together for me - even more so when Max admitted to the reality of them hating each other.

    Sadie Sink was incredible too.
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  19. Just finished the season and I overall found it to be really strong, actually. Enjoyed it going a little darker, but still maintaining moments of levity. The Joyce/Murray storyline though... The scenes with Hopper present were tolerable, but I wound up fast forwarding through the scenes with them and the annoying Russian guy by the last episode or two. It was hard to feel any suspense or real stakes for Hopper through the season which just undermined the whole thing. That whole plot and the bit where the surplus gang (Mike, Jonathan, Argyle and Will) pay a visit to Dustin's girlfriend's house were the only times where I really felt like fat could be trimmed from the bloated screen times.

    Other than that I kinda enjoyed the extended episode times. In this era of plentiful TV shows it was kinda nice to have proper, event-television where every episode has a lot of stuff going on? Also, I think almost all of the kids have turned into really strong actors as young adults? Sadie, Millie and Gaten in particular. Finn too but he wasn't really given much to do this season.
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