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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by YourTerribleMuriel, May 22, 2016.

  1. There's been 1 or 2 times where I've looked at my phone during a slow dialogue scene, but I think the longer running time generally works. We've waited so long for a new season, it's great to be spoiled with content. It also helps that I forced my boyfriend to re-watch the entire series since he'd only seen the first 2 episodes of S1. We've been watching 1 episode a night, and I think it gives the correct breathing/digest time.

    I adore the Max/Kate Bush scene, but (this might be controversial) despite all the emotion/metaphors tied between both the song and character, I still want to hear more Hounds of Love lol.
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  2. I really didn‘t mind the long episodes, it made me only watch one episode per day so the episodes had more time to breathe.

    I may be dumb but I didn’t expect that reveal for Episode ddd.

    I am still thinking about Episode 4 though. I honestly cried for 10 minutes after the episode ended.
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  3. SoI saw a theory that the counsellor and Vecna are somehow cahoots. I remember noticing her necklace was a grandfather clock and thinking that's weird but then when they realise that all of Vecna's victims incl. Max have seen the counsellor it kind of fits? Rewatching the first counsellor scene with Max in ep 1, you can hear a ticking sound. It's in the background of the mix that you wouldn't notice it unless you were looking for something.

    On rewatch, she also seems kinda off even though I live for her big big hair (probably because it's full of secrets)

  4. I am HYPED.
  5. Just finished Season 4 and wow that finale was incredible! I was gripped from start to finish. I totally get the long running times now, this is more than just a TV show, it’s more like a series of blockbusters. Some of the movies being released these days wish they were half as good or engaging. Absolutely perched for Part II.
  6. Just finished Season 4 and wow, it was absolutely amazing. Definitely darker and more intense than previous seasons, which I loved. I agree that the Joyce/Murray/Hopper storyline was a little too drawn out, but everything else was perfect. Episodes 4 and 7 were the highlights for sure.

    The orderly/001 being Vecna was spoiled for me on Twitter early on but the reveal was still exciting, the origin story and way it's all connected was so well done.

    So I'm guessing those bats somehow alerted Vecna that the group was passing by, and he somehow changed the gate to bring her to that red broken house area (I guess that's like in his mind or something?)?

    I also totally forgot what the Russian connection to the demogorgon is?
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  7. Don't want to be repeating too much but the Hopper storyline is definitely testing my concentration. I wish they put it in one episode like they did with 11 and 8. It would be a drag for one episode but for future rewatches the one to skip.
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  8. I agree that storyline is leading nowhere so far. Although the volume 2 trailer indicates that story still might be important. Still we should have way less of that and more of Will for example.

    Also did Joyce forget she has children? She never mentioned them and the others once she left ddd.
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  9. The Hopper scenes are the least interesting scenes, but Enzo is a bit of eye candy, for me at least.
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  10. Finished series 4 and thought it was great. Didn’t enjoy the super long run-times, and the Hopper story needs to find its way back to interesting sooner rather than later, but it was overall very good.

    Nothing reached the emotional height of episode 4, however.
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  11. I’m very impressed with how they did it - writing and storytelling were top tier - but I really didn’t need the lore behind the upside down. Especially with it partially resting on Eleven having trauma-induced repression.

    Like… I didn’t watch Buffy with a deep desire to understand why the Hellmouth existed. Of course that’s a little different because Buffy mixed Christianity and paganism for its own world-building, but what I mean is that I felt OK with some otherworldly ambiguity.

    But the conviction and ambition with which they approached series 4 has to be commended. It’s really been done masterfully.
  12. I don't have concerns about the Hopper/Joyce storyline being a drag going forward, to be fair because as we get closer to the end there will be believable stakes for them, and a lot of the characters (probably outside the core cast of kids). It was just a pain that we already knew Hopper was alive, he wasn't close by so couldn't be easily slotted back into the story, and they obviously weren't gonna off him right after a fakeout death at the end of season 3. Similarly Joyce was hardly gonna get knocked off when she was thousands of miles away from her kids and barely even interacted with them over the course of the season.
  13. I feel like Steve and Eleven might be in the firing line in the final season.
  14. I feel like Eleven has done nothing but cry and be bullied this season, I'm going to need some character evolution.
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  15. I don’t know, isn’t Eleven’s evolution that she’s for once having to deal with being a regular teenager?
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  16. But she didn't really. She got bullied, she reacted and then it was back in the lab.
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  17. To paraphrase Millie herself, I think the creators are too cowardly to kill any main characters at this point.
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  18. I think they're too locked in to what works and too reliant on the charm of the kids and their relationships to really shake things up. The "kids" are visibly nearing adulthood now and the writers are still pretending nothing has changed.
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  19. I think Steve or Nancy are for sure gonna meet their end some point soon. Possibly at the end of Volume 2.

    I almost feel like Steve has been on borrowed time as someone who was technically disposable the whole time while still having the death pack a punch due to him being a fan favourite, but it could be Nancy now. Seems the cleanest way to resolve the mini love triangle plot they were pushing this time around. Otherwise does Nancy go back to Jonathan basically because his rival is gone? Or just break up with him anyway perhaps?
  20. There was definitely plenty of foreshadowing for a Steve death sacrificing himself for Nancy.

    Whether the death sticks is another matter!
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