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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by YourTerribleMuriel, May 22, 2016.

  1. There’s a behind the scenes of Vol 1 video on youtube where the Duffers said early drafts of season 1 had Steve killed off
  2. I really hope they don’t kill Nancy off, she’s my favourite. I quite like Steve too. They should kill off Jonathan. Or Mike. Or Both.
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  3. Jonathan could die and I would have literally no emotions about it. I've never liked him, and he's become especially pointless as a character.
  4. He


    Yeah sacrifice Jonathan. Nancy is a bit annoying but she’s great.
  5. Yeah Jonathan can go and then Nancy will feel bad because she was over him and Steve and his hair can console her.
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  6. The way they spent all of Season 3 to break up Nancy and Steve so she could be with Jonathan only for them to basically break up now too ddd.

    So Jonathan dying would make sense but would many care? If they kill Steve Nancy would probably go back to Jonathan which would make her look awful so no.

    Best case scenario: Nancy falls in love with Robin.
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  7. I really thought that would happen when they were both teamed up.

    With how dark the show got and especially with Max’s arc, I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers went there and killed off one of the mainline kids. The unfortunate target would be Will but instead I’d rather have Jonathan. Interesting that these “couples” are from the same family.

    Who am I kidding, it’s gonna be Steve.
  8. I'm very behind on the latest series but
    Eleven smashing Angela's face in with a roller skate was a moment. [​IMG]
  9. I went in with minimal expectations for this season as stuff like this generally has diminishing returns but.. it's been really lit? The script editing could be tightened up a bit in places, but generally the whole thing feels like it zips along more than previous seasons even given the advanced runtime.

    Legend Winona probably deserves better script and storyline than what she's been handed to her this time around, and Will is still relentlessly boring dead weight, but overall I've been pleasantly surprised at how great this has been.
  10. The final two episodes look insane. I need that Running Up That Hill remix on streaming too.
  11. Everyone would be FOOLs not to release this - maybe KB camp didn’t want to because it would split the sales for chart (I have no idea how it works). I’d also be really interested to know who is arranging the remix - I’ve listened/read a few interviews with Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein and they don’t seem to allude to it at all
  12. I have a strong suspicion that the main character we're going to lose is

    He's hardly in this trailer. We possibly get a half second glimpse at him, but we do see Will really upset and hugging his brother, and we've established that Will is totally in love with Mike. Also, of all the kid actors, Finn seems to be aging up faster than the others. He's got the new Ghostbusters franchise too. After he had practically nothing to do in part 1 of the season, it wouldn't shock me if they just cut him and that's what tips Eleven over the edge into superpower fury.

    Oh, and I need this version of Running Up That Hill too.
  13. The fact I am getting goosebumps from a trailer...

    I am so not ready.

    And I hope that the theory someone posted earlier (or in the Kate Bush thread) that they are saving the Stranger Things version of Running Up That Hill is to give it an additional push in the US.
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  14. Oh my word this isn't going to disappoint. The build. The visuals. The music. I'm ready.
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  15. I have chills just from watching this trailer.
  16. I can't believe people were dismissing the show right before it aired. This season has delivered on so many levels!
  17. The music… Goosebumps!
  18. Woof @ that remix!
  19. I’ve always enjoyed but never loved Stranger Things but this was my favourite season by far, the horror being amped up a lot more this time around was welcome. It feels like the stakes are much higher now. I never was bored but I didn’t care much about Hopper/Joyce’s storylines, it was kind of flat up until the last episode. Excited for July 1st to see how wild things are going to get.
  20. They better leave Steve alone.

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