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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by YourTerribleMuriel, May 22, 2016.

  1. I’m so pumped for the last two episodes of this - I’ve rewatched everything in anticipation and am more hyped than ever!
    I don’t think I’ve ever watched a show where I enjoy basically all the characters - despite the horror and gore, it just gives me a really warm feeling to watch them all interact with each other.
    I hope Will gets more to do in the next episodes - I think Noah’s a great actor and that whole storyline with him, Mike and Jonathan needs a bit of oomph.
  2. Honestly, this feels so similar to how I felt going into Endgame a few years ago. I really don't think I've felt this much excitement for a tv show since the final season of Breaking Bad.
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  3. Can we all agree that the worst part of Season 4 so far was their trip to visit Dusty’s girlfriend Suzie? Those scenes were irredeemable.
  4. The worst part of season 4 was all the scenes relating to Hopper, Russia and Joyce travelling there. The only slightly enjoyable part was the hot prison guard but if it was up to me, I would have killed Hopper last season.
  5. I honestly don‘t know what they were smoking writing that episode.
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  6. Honestly, I didn't even know what was happening at one point. That stuff took me right out of the story, it was just too silly.
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  7. That intro will never not absolutely slap
  8. Also, I’m doing a rewatch and I’m only on series 3 and it’s giving me anxiety thinking about dodging all the spoilers from tomorrow
  9. I’m so hyped for tomorrow - trying to organise my day so I can watch them. But then it’ll be a 2-3 year wait until the last season so I also kinda want to savour them.
  10. I’m the same - I remembered nothing of what happened in season 3 because I watched it so quickly - I’m going to attempt to wait til I finish rewatching fully
  11. I hope the next season isn’t as long of a wait. I assume in an alternative COVID free world we would have gotten season 4 at least a year ago, so hopefully 2ish years max until it’s back?
  12. Rewatching series 2 and I never realised how much of a hard time Max got from pretty much everyone bar Lucas.
    On another note, excited for volume 2 tomorrow!
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  13. I think I had originally missed their heart to heart on top of the bus but this rewatch made me appreciate why she ended up liking him so much.

    Mike is particularly awful in S2z
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  14. I'm going to be catching this in bite-size chunks by the look of it. Squeezed in 20 mins this morning, still love Eddie's hair.

    Also are we going to see...
    Will coming out???
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  15. Agreed, Mike is just awful to her, then El arrives and echoes it when Max attempts to introduce herself, and even Dustin was mean to her! Thank goodness for lucas.
    Uh, I'm just so sensitive about her after that series 4 episode.
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  16. Episode 8 was amazing! Will wait to watch episode 9 tomorrow when I have more time. Sad that it’s almost finished - hopefully the next season will come out next year.
  17. Good lord 8 was SO good! I'm saving 9 for tomorrow as well. I hope there isn't a massive wait until the final season.

    I was not ready for Micheal Myers to pop around the corner haha
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  18. The way I SHRIEKED when Max’s bones started snapping. I hope to god she recovers fine next season, I can’t imagine them keeping her around if she’s just in a coma.
  19. Quite disappointed in the ending... I mean, both episodes were very good but the feeling I'm walking away with is AGAIN?
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  20. Sam


    All done. Cried my fucking eyes out. Just outstanding.
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