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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by YourTerribleMuriel, May 22, 2016.

  1. I’m left angry and wanting. See ya in 2 and a half years.
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  2. I was definitely emotional over parts of it. Hopefully the wait isn't as long this time and I also wouldn't mind having long episode run times again for season five.
  3. Not me just realizing at the last 10 minutes that Robin's crush is actually the girl from Anne with an E
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  4. I'm torn because it genuinely was great, I'm just SO sick of 'the princess is in another castle' villains and cliffhangers.
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  5. I’m 10 minutes into episode 9, I can’t help wonder if Robyn and Steve are paying homage to Resident Evil 1 Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield.

  6. That cap of Robins right? I was like where do I recognise this from!
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  7. Exactly! I always associate that kind of beret hat with Jill.
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  8. He


    That was pretty great. The ending really paid off and Kate Bush should shoot up to number 1 again, Kii.

    Next season needs to be the last. I truly hope it doesn’t take them that long.

    I gagged when Max starters breaking and then she basically died! I hope she recovers. I wish it hadn’t been another stop start ending, but reality is literally changing, so the stakes will be different next season
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  9. Incredible. Had me crying, screaming, laughing and scared throughout both of the volume 2 episodes. All of the cast can take a bow, but, take a bow, Sadie Sink.
  10. I thought everyone looked strangely chill even after half of Hawkins literally sank into the pits of hell.
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  11. The ‘2 days later’ ending was a little off. Nobody cared about Eddie dying, the Hopper/Eleven reunion was underwhelming and we didn’t see Murray at all.
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  12. He


    It felt quite disconnected from the rest indeed.

    it also seemed like Eleven’s group and herself were unwilling to mention she fought Vecna inside Max’s mind. Also Nancy and Jonathan didn’t really talk? Again? It feels for as much as characters advanced individually, it was weird to see them not bring that into the group.

    Eddie also deserved more reactions, specially from Steve.
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  13. Just finished and I obviously sat through the credits when I heard Siouxsie & The Banshees begin to play.
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  14. also echoing the stress and anxiety as Max’s bones began to break, I was so upset when she technically died, I’m glad El brought her back but it’s concerning she couldn’t find her in the Void
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  15. Most of the younger cast are very...

    Still one of my favorite seasons overall.
  16. I’m only 30 minutes in but the way Max has become the bad-ass bitch we all always wanted to be…!!!! Selfless Queen!
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  17. Max‘ actress really should be awards nominated!

    I really enjoyed it, it didn‘t even really feel long. I do wish someone else would have died sorry ddd.

    Eddie was emotional but Max, my god my tears. I wonder where they take her story next.

    The two side stories (Sovjet and Pizza) throughout the season weren‘t important, sure it all came together but I guess the cast is just too big. I hope they kind of stay at the same place now for the last season.
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  18. Max was amazing. For a little kid, wow.
  19. I think the kids are pretty good - normally I hate watching anything with children in cos it’s so cringe but this cast is so endearing.

    I thought the last two episodes were pretty great - I was so stressed going into the last one. I have a few quibbles about it but overall, I’m happy. It’s hard to manage that many storylines and stick the landing, and for me they mostly did. It sets up the last season well and now we just have to wait…
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  20. So I was reading a recap and realized I misunderstood something pretty big. Did the Mind Flayer transform Henry into Vecna or did Henry shape the Mind Flayer into a spider? Is the Mind Flayer under Vecna's control? In essense, is Vecna the big bad of the series?
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