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Strictly Come Dancing 2017

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by NuhdeensPassport, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. I might have started this thread just to announce
    Ruth Langsford has signed up!

    I love the show and I'm delighted Ruth has finally signed up after years of saying no.

    Matt Goss also confirmed. Your thoughts?
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  3. First celebrity announced tomorrow on the Radio 1 breakfast show
  4. Rumours

    Ruth Langsford
    Mollie King
    Alexandra Burke
    Martine McCutcheon
    Ross Kemp
    Angela Scanlon
    Jonnie Peacock
    Anne Robinson
    Matt Goss
    Joe Wicks
    Samantha Womack
    Olly Murs
    Charlotte Hawkins
    Dame Joan Collins ( Highly unlikely and she denied it on Twitter)
  5. What a sensational line-up that would be.
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  6. Alexandra better use that BBC coin to get a third album out. Mollie.. better...not
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  7. Another year and still no Dame Cheryl of Baker, and when she's got an album to promote!!
  8. Wish Sarah Harding would of done this instead of CBB.
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  9. Excuse me? Queen King is releasing her album off the back of this whether you like it or not. I need it.

    I feel like if that's the true line-up then Olly Murs is bound to win.
  10. I never finished the last series.
  11. Is it bad I hope Ruth succumbs to the strictly curse and gets away from that horror Holmes?.
  12. She's the nice redhead who sometimes presents The One Show? Mmm. Here I go, getting tempted to slog through months of Tessbot and chums.
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  13. Mollie King confirmed.

    "I'm a huge fan of Strictly Come Dancing so I can't actually believe I'm lucky enough to be taking part in it this year," Mollie said.

    "I'm literally so excited to learn Latin and ballroom dancing, and of course, I can't wait to get into the sequins too!

    "It's going to be a lot of hard work but I'm ready for the challenge."
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  14. Yes Queen! Show everyone your excellent sense of humour and huge likability. Educate the public!
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  16. Eagerly awaiting the post-series GT photo shoot. never mind, one already happened in Attitude, so I'm set even if he doesn't do another one yesssssss
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  17. I don't know if the Martine McCutcheon rumour has any weight to it as she's promoting her album and doing a live tour in November. I mean, she could juggle it I'm sure but she seems really invested in the music and doing that. Not sure she'd suddenly start doing strictly rehearsals every day just as her album comes out.

    I'd quite like to see Alexandra Burke though, she is so musically talented and it would great to get some new (good) music from her.
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  18. Would love to see Katie Price doing this, I'm surprised we've not seen her on it yet I'm sure she would do it if she was asked.
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  19. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Mmmmm Strictly always bags the hotties.
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  20. And now Ruth is confirmed
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