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Strictly Come Dancing 2022

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tom Selick, May 30, 2018.

  1. Its an entertainment show with dancing though? And they do point out technical ability, every week. They have to find a mix between both. Plus I think people forget they judge them based on their own merits at this stage next against one another.
    Well the in a way its hopefully worked out in Fleur's favour so she hopefully get people voting for her to spite Shirley next week... who knows.

    The cult of Goss on twitter seem to spite vote this week and it worked, unfortunately.
  2. Tony Adams still being in? I can't.

    I love Shirley, but saying she would have saved Richie over Fleur? ohcomeondarlingkimwoodburn.gif
  3. Having to watch the majority, white and middle aged Strictly audience react to a black person dancing street or commercial every year, is more depressing than funny now.

    Also the "proper music" comments any of those rotuines get, nearly makes it more obvious. If celebs want to dance to steet stlye or street music etc let them. They can't have Michael Buble & Frank Sinatra every single week... thankfully
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  4. Fleur finally getting her dues!! Made me so happy for her to finally get the praise she deserved after being unfairly critiqued for weeks now. I used to live in the same apartment building as her and she’s honestly the most lovely person and thinks my dog is cute so obviously she deserves the world.
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  5. Matt & Nadiya, and Kym & Graziano were in the dance off.

    The judges chose to save Kym & Graziano.
    Matt & Nadiya were eliminated.
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  6. pdf


    I was vaguely annoyed about Shirley's 'garage megamix' comment. It just reeked of something that would only be said to a young black contestant. I dunno, maybe Shirely is starting to get on my nerves.
  7. Tbh I've found that the show really has no idea what to do with black contestants and how to portray them on the show. The show nearly lives in fear of the audience so far. They always seem to try to aim to make them as vanilla as possible. The "soft and lovely" approach.

    Even with Hamza he seems to be popular because they've chosen him as the person to baby this year. The constant mention of animals etc, treating him like a kid when he is in his 30s is so strange.
    Trying to make him look as soft and lovely as possible. They did the same with Ore after he cried one week. They kept going with the crying thing. Kept mentioning it and even at times tried to make him cry, in my opinion, to make him seem as soft and lovely as possible. It's really odd. Last week they did break a bit from that with Fleur speaking about the new little mermaid being black, then she ends up in the bottom.

    For a show that does try to be inclusive, it really is one of the biggest flaws and it's getting constantly more obvious.
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  8. I thought last night's show was fantastic! I think Fleur's shock appearance in the bottom two probably gave everyone a bit of a kick to step it up a bit. I'm glad Fleur came back with a bang, it has often felt like she's gotten the rough end of things the last few weeks.

    It was also quite an emotional show as well. I'd say this was the best week so far though.

    I agree re: Shirley's comments. "I didn't know these songs" Ok, and? You're not critiquing the familiarity of the songs, so why does it matter? The whole thing was just really weird. I also agree @Tom Selick about how they seem to struggle with how to portray black men on the show. And what they don't seem to realise is that the way they go about it ends up with - like you say - this whole babying issue. They do this whilst also not seeming to offer any kind of support for the black women who appear on the show.
  9. 21 Seconds, Flowers and Rewind were all legitimately inescapable and far more famous than a lot of songs on the show which made the comment even more ???
  10. Hamza is my winner. I like most of the cast actually! Tony can happily go next.
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  11. Song and dances for BBC 100 Week, interesting…

    Ellie and Nikita: Paso Doble to Montagues and Capulets, celebrating The Apprentice

    Ellie and Johannes: Tango to Casualty Theme Tune, celebrating Casualty

    Fleur and Vito: Jive to Waterloo by ABBA, celebrating Eurovision

    Helen and Gorka: Charleston to Blue Peter Them Tune, celebrating Blue Peter

    Jayde and Karen: Charleston to The Ballad of Barry and Freda (Let's Do It) by Victoria Wood, celebrating BBC Comedy

    Kym and Graziano: Quickstep to Ballroom Blitz by Sweet, celebrating Come Dancing

    Molly and Carlos: Couples' Choice to Grange Hill Theme Tune, celebrating BBC Children's Programming

    Hamza and Jowita: Quickstep to On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons, celebrating BBC Nature Programming

    James and Amy: Foxtrot to EastEnders Theme Tune, celebrating EastEnders

    Tony and Katya: Cha Cha Cha to Grandstand Theme Tune, celebrating BBC Sport

    Tyler and Dianne: Tango to Doctor Who Theme Tune, celebrating Doctor Who

    Will and Nancy: Viennese Waltz to Line of Duty End Titles, celebrating Drama
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  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Ellie and Nikita’s choice seems a bit random?
  13. Are the singers actually singing Jayde & Karen’s choice!?
  14. The Ballad of Barry & Freda is one of the very best moments in comedy, ever. Wonderful to see it get an airing again, though a shame it'll likely be a chopped and spliced to within an inch of its life version when it clearly deserves to be all five and a half glorious minutes. Lets bask in some genius while we wait to see...

  15. Oh my goodness, not really been following it this year but only just seen Hamza's samba to Ecuador! One of the best things I've ever seen!
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  16. Uh oh...

    Tyler v Fleur dance off incoming imo.
  17. Yeah Hamza is winning . Series might as well end right now.

    Still saying its a Tyler v Fleur or Molly dance off. Too many ties already on the board
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  18. pdf


    Claudia needs to stop this 'oh someone help me with all this social media' guff like she's not a woman with an active instagram feed.
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  19. 2014

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    I feel like this is the most competitive series in ages? Will, Helen and Ellie S all could be potentials too.
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  20. I feel like people here don't like Hamza for some reason and I don't understand why. He seems like a decent guy and is improving week on week.

    Tonight's show was a bit of a mess overall. Most of those song interpretations were pretty horrid and (unusually) there weren't any performances I wanted to watch again.
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