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Strictly Come Dancing 2022

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tom Selick, May 30, 2018.

  1. She's like this on her BBC Radio 2 show and it's infuriating. I gave up and switched to Graham Norton on Virgin.

    One of my friends nailed it when she said, 'She acts like a ditz until its time to renegotiate her contract, then suddenly she knows what she's doing.'
  2. Hamza has it in the bag for me. If you look on twitter, despite the last two weeks getting the highest scores and still having the top scoring dance of the series, Hamza is still see as a lovely underdog to some people.

    So if scores high and still has that feeling from the public he is winning. I don't think it is competitive at all.
  3. Molly & Carlos and Jayde & Karen were in the dance off.

    The judges all saved Molly & Carlos.

    Jayde & Karen we’re eliminated.
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  4. Hamza winning has to be the most obvious thing this series.

    • He has the highest scoring dance so far.
    • Still has people thinking he is an underdog despite being a top scorer. Even from week 1 when he got a 34!
    • Has the "oh isn't he lovely" vote

    Rose and Kelvin's wins were both pretty obvious , but its only week 5 and Hamza's win seems even more set in stone. The more recent series seem to have that problem. The winner is too clear, too early. Jay is another who's win was pretty obvious too.

    They might as well stick a fork in this series, its over.
  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    ....ok well try and enjoy it!
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  6. Do people actually care who wins? I just like a bit of light hearted TV on a Saturday night.
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  7. W
    Well yeah? Its a competition after all? Just knowing the winner so early on makes it boring. The fact that the show hasn't had a more open competitive series in a few years makes it worse for me anyway.
  8. Hamza is great but I don't think it's a foregone conclusion yet?
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  9. It's interesting as Hamza's partner Jowita isn't very well known. I would still expect the winner to have a more well known/loved professional
  10. This show is so joyful.
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  11. I actually think Helen has a huge chance of winning, especially if she gets better week on week and momentum builds.
  12. I have endured Tess Daly for a long time, and try to revel in the "so shit she's endearing" just to get me through, but the way she talked to Hamza tonight was so condescending - I'm done with her.
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  13. She’s always been like that and it’s very frustrating. I don’t know if it’s because a lot of her early work was in children’s tv, but it’s like she thinks she’s still talking to children.

    Also, does anybody know what the little black electronic pads are next to the judges?
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  14. They use them to lock in their scores before they bring up the paddles. So they aren't influenced by each other and so the on screen graphics come up straight away.

    This is why earlier in this series Shirley brought up a different number than she'd locked in so it was different on screen to her paddle and they had to get her to reconfirm her score.

    They also use them in the dance off. Again so they can't change their mind especially for the last 2 to vote.
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  15. Both James & Amy and Fleur & Vito were in the dance off.

    The judges saved Fleur & Vito.

    James & Amy were eliminated.
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  16. Vito’s geek look + his lil moustache was a 10 from me.

    Dave Arch’s rendition of Break my Soul was certainly memorable.
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    Feeling bad for Fleur, but I think all the females are going to struggle to get to the final over Will/Hamza/Tony at this rate. Ellie S and Helen are the most likely I feel.
  18. Somehow I wasn't prepared for the Strictly singers to recreate Big Freedia's parts ddd
  19. They’ll be missing a trick if they don’t get Helen to do a life affirming/joyful jive, Couples choice or show dance to 2 Be Loved given her personal story. It would be such a moment!
  20. Ellie T is getting the sympathy vote that Fleur should be getting this week it seems looking at social media
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