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Strictly Come Dancing 2022

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tom Selick, May 30, 2018.

  1. Molly & Carlos and Tyler & Dianne were in the Dance off.

    Craig, Motsi and Shirley saved Molly, Anton saved Tyler.

    Tyler & Dianne were eliminated.
  2. This was a delight! I've watched it several times since last night already. She's such an amazing performer and Vito a perfect partner.
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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I like her but where's all the support for Ellie coming from?
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  4. She's white and she cries, that's about it
  5. I think there’s a lot of goodwill for Johannes. . . Maybe it’s like the AJ Pritchard effect where his popularity saw a boost in votes?

    I do like Ellie but it’s clear she isn’t at the same level as the others.
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  6. Maybe people think she's a nice person who has a fun sense of humour, and can see how much she is enjoying the experience.
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  7. Are they all not nice people, enjoying it and trying their best ?

    You cant deny she has gotten the sympathy vote on more than one occasion. The pretty white lady who cries after getting so-so scores, usually does. While if Fleur cries she would be slated, that's just a fact. Look at Alexandra Burke for reference.

    Its a constant double standard with this shows audience.
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  8. Not denying that the show and the audience has an issue with black female contestants (the double standard is probably the thing that I dislike most about the show) but to say that the only reason that Ellie is receiving support is down to the fact that she’s white and that she cries (which she’s hardly made a habit of!) is a bit reductive.

    I throw Ellie a vote each week (in addition to Fleur) because she’s a lot of fun personality-wise (both on and off of the show) and I like her partnership with Johannes (as well as the fact she seems to be enjoying herself and is trying her best like everyone else). She’s definitely the worst dancer left technically but I’d be happy for her to outlast a few of the remaining contestants.
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  9. I love Fleur and can't stop watching last night's performance!

    But she has always been an amazing dancer (I've also watched her X Factor finale far more times than I should! And her Sax/Black Magic mash up with Little Mix!)

    I think this 'advantage' is what the general public have a problem with, whereas I assume they see Ellie or Hamza as starting the show with far less experience, so on more of a 'journey'.
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  10. I actually didn’t like Fleur’s performance. It was a good pop star performance but dance wise, it left me a bit cold? Like when Michelle Visage did Vogue, I enjoyed it but it didn’t feel very Strictly dancing.

    I still think Hamza has it in the bag with Helen and Kym making the final.
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  11. I dont think its the only reason, but it is a big part of the reason. The underdog thing she seems to have gained since Craig gave her a three is another reason. I like her and Johannes but at the same time I've seen it before with Johannes and his past partners. They'll do a bad dance, he'll say something lovely inspiational and camp in the interview before the scores etc etc. Its the same with Catherine from Corrie a while ago.
    The show has an issue with black contestants as a whole and the way they portray them to the public. Even tonight Tyler was going on about how nervous he would get each week, where was that in a VT or his pre scripted chat with Claudia?

    The worst thing about is this year is when Hamza wins, the same people with the issue (subconscious or not) will be like "See, the shows audience isn't racist, a black man just won" Ignoring that Molly and Fleur and now Tyler were swapping in and out of the bottom 2 each week, nevermind Richie too.

    While Hamza has been presented and treated as a child nearly every week, despite being in his 30's. The way the show presents him is "oh look how lovely is this slightly bigger black man, with long hair, He can't even do the mean face dances, oh how lovely" and nothing more. Again no disprespect to him but I dislike how they are presenting him. He has been made out as the least threatening /watered down person, (not just a black person) on the show this year and is nothing more than lovely, they did the same with Ore years ago.
    Cause if a black person is anything other than "lovely" they are either moody, angry or cocky. And god forbid they cry cause then they are OTT. Look at the difference in how Will's XFactory-y VT last week went down vs Fleur's this week. Im just tired of it all. Its so predicatble now it makes the show duller.
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  12. I don’t think anyone is disagreeing with you about the way the show/audience presents/treats the black contestants, it’s been discussed here multiple times.
    But to distill Ellie down to ‘bad white dancer getting through via tears’ isn’t it. She still danced beautifully at the weekend. For me, she was better than Will (though overall I do concur she is the weakest remaining). She doesn’t even cry much?

    Fleur was phenomenal. I kiiiind of get where people are coming from. My favourite couples choices have been from those who do something we haven’t seen from them before, Faye’s Jazz is first to mind. But, there are no rules in CC - I don’t blame Fleur for using what is in her arsenal and showing us why she should be one of our greatest exports, that was some global pop superstar s**t.
  13. pdf



    (she mentioned her husband on Sunday, I didn't know she was married)
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  14. No amount of tomfoolery trying to paint him in any certain light can take away from the fact that Hamza is magical on that dance floor and is my winner and king.
  15. The main show will be moved to Friday 2 December and Sunday 11 December due to *** ***** ***.
  16. More homophobia at play.
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  17. 2014

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    Kym has apparently got Covid meaning she'll miss this week.....they should just skip this week and have less in the final in my opinion, the series is too far along and competition is too tight for people to miss weeks.
  18. Where can I vote for Molly’s brother?
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  19. 2014

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    A Fleur and Molly Bottom 2 seems inevitable, but it's going to be sad to lose anyone now. Shirtless Gorka? Yes please and thank you very much.
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  20. I think it's going to be Ellie and Helen in the bottom (despite Gorka's best shirtless efforts!)

    Fleur was the best tonight, but I didn't love any of the performances to be honest.
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