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Strictly Come Dancing 2022

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tom Selick, May 30, 2018.

  1. I did think this but I've done the maths and I think Fleur will be safe.

    Will 6 + 4 = 10
    Hamza 5 + 6 = 11
    Molly 4 + 1 = 5
    Fleur 4 + 2 = 6
    Helen 3 + 5 = 8
    Ellie 2 + 3 = 5

    Kym getting COVID was very convenient for her. As I think she would have got less public votes than Ellie and been either in the bottom 2 or knocked Fleur their with Molly.

    I think if Ellie is in the bottom she will be out as she is the weakest left. Anyone else could knock anyone else out.

    Kym if she is back next week will be out.
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  2. Fleur & Vito and Ellie and Johannes were in the dance off.

    The judges unanimously saved Fleur & Vito.

    Ellie and Johannes were eliminated
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  3. I can see Kym making the final.
  4. I can't. I think she will be in the bottom in either the quarter or semi final and be out against anyone else there.
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  5. I could have seen Kym getting to the final prior, but I think people will ‘blame’ her for not being there this week and I think unless she is exceptional this week, she will struggle. I think you can already predict a Molly v Kym dance off unless either is crazy great.
  6. Plus they've got one less day to prepare this week too as the live show is on Friday and it very much depends when Kym is better too.
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  7. Kym looked absolutely stunning tonight. Though, Strictly on a Friday just doesn't feel right. I don't know why they can't just stick the football on BBC2!

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  8. I know it was a bit inappropriate for Craig to make remarks about Kym’s figure but she really does look, well, remarkable. Her looking that incredible (as a grandma, no less) gave me flashbacks to when she was bodyshamed by Nigel Lithgoe on Popstars (“It’s fucking out of order!”).
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  9. Kym & Graziano and Molly & Carlos were in the dance off.

    Craig, Motsi and Shirley saved Molly

    Anton saved Kym

    Kym & Graziano were eliminated.
  10. 2014

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    Welp I completely forgot this was on.
  11. Sad to see Kym go. The judges really should take into consideration the fact that Molly has been in the bottom 4 times now.
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  12. I’m not sure that should be taken into account when the voting public generally favour cis white straight males. It’s never been especially about talent.
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  13. Every so often there's a dance that transcends the series and goes into my little list of favourites. Faye and Giovanni's Fever was one that springs to mind, and on this series so far, it is:

    Absolutely phenomenal, and the middle finger moment is everything.
  14. call me myssie meg
  15. Happy Sunday. Feels so odd having the live show on on a Sunday.

    Do we think there is any chance we can avoid a Molly and Fleur dance off.
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  16. Strong feeling it's going to be Fleur vs Will
  17. I agree, unless Will is very top of the voting, he’s in the dance off. And while his first dance might have garnered some ‘sympathy”, ending on a well scored but ultimately overmarked one will not leave a ‘he was robbed we must vote!!’ taste in peoples mouth. I think Will v Fleur is a safe bet.
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  18. 2014

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    They seem to be doing a lot better keeping the spoilers hidden but apparently

    Will v Helen, with everyone bar Shirley saving Helen. This does sound a biT too good to be true
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  19. Fleur & Vito and Will & Nancy are in the dance off.

    Shirley, Craig and Motsi saved Fleur & Vito
    Anton saved Will & Nancy.

    Will & Nancy were eliminated
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  20. Will's 90s dance was pretty basic but the judges gushed all over it... I get it was an homage to the Madchester vibe, but nothing looked particularly complicated about it.

    This year has been pretty boring; I need to remind myself of that when it rolls back around in '23.
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