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Strictly Come Dancing 2022

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tom Selick, May 30, 2018.

  1. John is so watchable (read: hot)
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  3. Dianne is so cute.
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    Am I the only one completely ??? at the Sara praise? I need to watch it again.
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  5. The praise for Tilly? In that fucking boot?

    Bin it.
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  6. Not me almost in tears at the end of Judi’s dance when everyone started chanting! I really love the support between them all on this show!

    Some of the marking and comments this week have felt all over the place, but I’ve definitely come to expect that from the show at this point.

    And Kai in those tight trousers?! Welcome to the show sir, welcome to the show!
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  7. I’m convinced it’s because Gordon’s there ddd. She literally flopped on the floor at one point.

    I was a bit gagged that Craig was so positive after giving a 3 to someone who’d just poured their heart out for their deceased sibling (for an admittedly shit dance, but still…)
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  8. The overpraise/overmarking of Sara and Dan??? Is the the BBC employee clause kicking in?
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    Nina being at the bottom is just not on. I'm expecting her and Ugo in the dance off.
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  10. I kinda get the vibe that Nina and Neil don't like each other so much.
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  11. Neil looked annoyed most of the time he was on camera tonight.
  12. I think I will remember that euphoria of Judi Love's performance forever, what a moment.

    I'm such a huge fan of hers and AJ and I hope this is such a springboard for both of their careers. I'm rooting for them and John this year, all three are spectacular.
  13. For those who want to know...
    Nina and Katie were in the dance off, Craig, Motsi and Shirley saved Katie, Anton saved Nina, Nina was therefore eliminated.
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    SO gutting, they had so much more to give!
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  15. DAS


    I think that strictly needs a bit of a professionals revamp. I think that Dianne, Gorka, Nadiya and Neil need to leave tbh. Neil and Nadiya arent very good choreographers and Gorka and Dianne can’t get their celebs far unless they are massive ringers (Alexandra and Maisie for Gorka) or have a massive following (Joe for Dianne)

    As much as I do like both Dianne and Gorka, I feel like maybe it would be good for them to leave.
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  16. Aljaz is a genuine sweetheart and I get the impression that he’s a particularly patient and supportive partner.
    I really hope Judi goes far in this, I just love her. Sad to see tonight’s elimination, I thought they had it in them to go quite a bit further.
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  17. Gutted by tonight’s elimination but I don’t feel their partner really worked to their strengths this week.
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  18. I disagree plus they've literally brought in 4 new pros this year and Nancy has gotten her first partner, that's enough pro changes.
    The pros are nearly as famous as the celebs now, let them leave when they want. Too much messing around will result in the kind of decline the American version is suffering from now.

    Also I'm pretty sure Joe Sugg got the biggest "who is that?" from the Strictly audience, when he was announced as a contestant?. His improvement got him through
  19. Also wasn’t Neil credited for much of Joe’s choreo for Katya the year he won? I’m not sure he’s bad at it.

    As for the result…. That’s so upsettin
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  20. I think that the audience credited Neil with input during Katya’s first years on the show, when he was on the bench.

    Except she’s gone on to solo choreograph some great routines and… he hasn’t…

    Looking back, that deduction was perhaps more than a little misogynistic…
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