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Strictly Come Dancing 2022

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tom Selick, May 30, 2018.

  1. See, I don’t dispute that Katya has some great choreography moments, she certainly isn’t boring, but I also think she tries to push too far sometimes for a ‘moment’ and ends up with a mess. See, the Adam Peaty pot stirrer with a leg in week two.
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  2. This weeks dances for movie week:

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  3. I know sod-all about dance, as evidenced whenever I think it was boring and clunky, the judges give them a bunch of 6s and 7s, and conversely when I got life watching, it's apparently a 3.
  4. What is with this show on movie week and painting people different colours?
    We could end up having multiple people painted blue, pink and green this week

    Also good for Rhys for saying me wants to be the Miles Morales Spider-Man
  5. For those who want to know....

    Katie and Judi were in the dance off.
    Shirley, Motsi and Craig saves Judi, Anton saved Katie.
    Katie was eliminated.
  6. The first spoiler that came out had it going the other way and I was fuming. Glad it seemingly goes the correct way! I really enjoyed Judi’s dance, don’t think she had much business being in the bottom!
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  7. 2014

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    I knew Judi going first in the show was going to put her in trouble regardless of how she did - the producers are snaky
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  8. The overmarking of Greg, Sara and Dan continues to baffle me

  9. Poor Dianne, give her someone good next year, she never seems to get the one with dance training
  10. 2014

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    I kept forgetting he was in it dd. I hope he's ok though.
  11. Losing a transphobe? Oh well.
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  12. This weeks dances and songs:

    I wonder why Adam keeps getting the more “specialised” (if that’s the right word to use?) first? Rhumba last week, Argentine Tango this week.
  13. I think Adam almost accidentally kissed Katya?
  14. DAS


    The scores were really all over the place tonight. AJ, Rose and Judi were definitely underscored, whilst Tilly, Dan and even John were overscored.

    I'm so happy that Adam did well and has hopefully overcome his struggles from the past 2 weeks.

    I gave all my votes to AJ as she's by far my favourite, I enjoyed her dance tonight (although the singing of Camila's song were questionable to say the least)

    It should be Dan vs Greg in the dance off tomorrow, but I sadly can see Judi in there and a surprise unfortunately
  15. John was overscored? He got 6 from Craig! His dance was brilliant and deserved more!

    I agree about AJ though, she was incredibly undermarked.
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  16. For those who want to know
    Judi and Greg are in the dance off.

    Craig, Motsi and Anton saves Judi.
    Shirley would have saved Greg.
    Greg was eliminated
  17. Last nights episode was pretty poor for me. It's a shame because everyone had good mostly suitable music too, but none of the dances were wow.
    Hopefully this isn't the start of a downwards spiral after such a strong start
  18. I did laugh at Craig (accurately) describing the “larking about” bit at the beginning of John and Johannes’ dance as “clubbing it down at Heaven”.

    As for the gapping in hold, it was so exaggerated that it almost looked like they were doing it deliberately to avoid getting too close (and risk offending a certain contingent of the Strictly viewing public)?
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  19. There was a very weird energy in last night's show! I usually adore Craig's shtick but last night he actually came across like he was in a proper mood.
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