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Strictly Come Dancing 2022

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tom Selick, May 30, 2018.

  1. When Motsi didn't get the reference and said something like 'Craig, you were right... it was like a dance out of heaven' I died a little inside.
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  2. and he had an expression afterwards like he'd been caught out.

    Fuckers gunning for Katya though can piss off!
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  3. He is HOT.

    Also I would be severely into Graziano with a shaved head/short hair, woof.
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  4. I'll miss Greg's moderate salt n' pepper zad qualities.
  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Just watching ITV News and Judi's contracted Covid and is missing this week's show.
  6. She's gonna struggle to be back and ready for next week then considering how late in the week it is. Unless they do this weeks dance next week. Which will be hard as it's Halloween week. And I don't think it would be fair to give her a 2 week bye.

    Whoever goes out this week will probably feel robbed as it was probably going to be Judi.

    Also there hasn't been a week since the first week that everyone who was supposed to be competing actually did.
  7. Dance off results if you want to know
    Ugo and Oti, and Rhys and Nancy were in the dance off.

    The judges unanimously saved Rhys and Nancy.

    Ugo was eliminated from the competition. comp
  8. John’s landlady Shirley provided the best moment of the show.

    “I’m WET!”
    (Shocked silence from Claudia and studio audience)
    “…with sweat!”
    (Claudia and the studio audience breathe a sigh of relief)

    It didn’t help that she was holding those “11” plates over her boobs at the time either.
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  9. AJ was on FIRE. I love that they almost kissed twice on purpose.
  10. From looking at social media etc, it's pretty obvious Rose and Giovanni have the win wrapped up now isn't it?
    The reaction after their dances is always positive and it's reminding me of the reaction Bill got and kelvin but more ... when they won . It's who will be in the final with her and come runner up that is more interesting now.
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  11. I wouldn't count Tom out. The McFly boys have always done well on reality shows.

    I think it will be very based week on week if Judi doesn't return and if Ugo is eliminated tonight or withdraws because of his back.

    I think Adam and Dan are potentially the next two weakest dancers but I think Dan will be there until the last few weeks as he seems quite popular.

    I'd like the final to be Rose, John, AJ and one other but I'm not sure who yet.
  12. Yes to that final three. All their performances were great last night and I love each pairing. I've gone from not thinking I'd be that engaged with this series because I didn't really know any of the contestants to really enjoying it.
  13. Highly shocked at the contestant that was almost eliminated. They certainly did deserve to be in the bottom and I’ve been thinking they’re a shoe-in for the final.
  14. DAS


    I've been expecting them to be like Karim, a good dancer but repeat dance off celebrity due to not be that popular with the public
  15. have there been budget cuts this season because some of these outfits are cheap
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  16. The show has got a real problem since the new Exec producer took over in 2019. The winner becomes way too obvious too soon. Kelvin, Bill and now Rose. Sort of ruins the jeopardy and suspense. 2018 was a much tighter race
  17. AJ and John though and Tom has McFly fans behind him...
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  18. Neither have a chance tbh. I could see the final 3 being a mix of those 4 or maybe Tilly because she is genuinely improving. Rose has the win sown up barring any COVID issues.
  19. Adam and Judi were in the dance off.

    All judges chose Adam and Katya, Judi and Graziano we’re eliminated.
  20. I'm finding it a real chore this year - I just want wall-to-wall Charlestons.
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