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Strictly Come Dancing 2022

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tom Selick, May 30, 2018.

  1. I read elsewhere the other couple was eliminated?
  2. The rumors that
    Cat Deeley
    is doing the Christmas Special better be true and that they are resting the returning contestants format for the Christmas show for a while.

    And again Rose has this series won which kind of makes the rest of the series a bit redundant. Also, whoever gave AJ that dress needs sacking
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  3. Agreed I thought that, the dress did the dance no favours at all!
  4. Craig has tested positive for Covid, Cynthia Erivo will stand in for him this week.

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  5. DAS


    I think Cynthia is a really inspired choice from the BBC as a guest judge. Miles better than having Alfonso back. I think she will be a very fair judge, hopefully can balance out to overscoring of the other judges that will on the panel tomorrow night
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  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Cynthia's going to be incredible! She'll be a great fit.
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  7. The schadenfreude I get from watching Tom, who was clearly expecting unanimous praise ddd

    Seethe a little. I don’t buy the shit-eating grin energy from him or his wife whatsoever.
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  8. DAS


    Tom was definitely expecting a similar reaction to what Rose got last week for his couple's choice and you could see how annoyed he was both by the comments and the scores.

    I thought Cynthia did a really great job as a judge, i'm glad that she didn't just give everyone a 10 and gave good feedback and a score that reflected the scores (unlike the other judges...)

    I think it would have to be Rhys and Dan in the dance off tomorrow, both for me were by far the "worst" (albeit not bad) dances of the night. I'd even argue that they were slightly overmarked by the judges.

    The females really showed the men up, honestly having Tilly, AJ and Rose in the final would be great, as they have all deserved to get there.
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  9. The way Cynthia went in hard saying that it had no heart. Drag him a bitsy.

    I really love John but I agree that he’s holding back/playing safe a bit. But I do question whether a part of that is Johanne’s routines as well. I need more flamboyance, and they’re both definitely capable of it.
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  10. fff Tom and Amy were truly floored at their critiques. I genuinely cackled at their attempts to not let their jaws hit the floor.
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  11. John and Johannes’ rumba was gorgeous. I hope we get something like that from them again.
  12. It's going to be John and Rhys in the bottom 2 based on how I think the public are voting.
  13. Not that anyone is interested but here is my thoughts on the public vote for tonight.

    Name judges public total.

    Tilly 7 + 2 = 9
    AJ 6 + 3 = 9
    Rose 5 + 7 = 12
    John 4 + 4 = 8
    Rhys 4+ 1 = 5
    Tom 3 + 5 = 8
    Dan 3 + 6 = 9
  14. Rhys & Nancy and Tom & Amy were in the dance off.

    The judges saved Rhys & Nancy.

    Tom & Amy were eliminated.
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  15. Yeah, he definitely thought he was going to get all 10s across the board after all the crying. And like the judges said, it wasn’t a bad dance, but it was all too mechanical and lacked the emotion. I still don't feel like he's good enough to have made it this far into the competition, but hey ho, as long as my favourites are still in.
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  16. I didn’t get what was so flawless about Tilly’s dance at all? Watched it twice and it didn’t seem to contain that much… dancing.

    Unless it’s a direct recreation of the stage show or something? Nay clue.

    And who is voting for Dan Walker?
  17. Tilly did not deserve 40 at all.
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  18. Parts of Tilly’s routine were directly lifted from the stage show. It really did not deserve 40 at all, it was incredibly stompy and the synchronisation was out multiple times.

    I’m gonna need John & Johannes to start taking more risks and giving more exciting choreography. It does kind of feel like he’s stalled, but it’s only because he was performing at such a high level anyway. Still, the Argentine Tango next week will hopefully be a bit more exciting and dramatic!
  19. Sad for Amy, in a way, as I think she’s great but I am so pleased that’s Tom off. I had a really bad feeling he would make the final.

    Cynthia was a great guest judge as well,
  20. I wish John and Johannes would stop swapping the lead in their dances. Just because they can I don't think they should. As I find it can disrupt the flow of some dances.
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