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Strictly Come Dancing 2022

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tom Selick, May 30, 2018.

  1. 2014

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    Thank God Tom's out, he never seemed to really get going after he missed the first week.
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  2. DAS


    The thing is whilst John is a good dancer, in hold he isn’t brilliant as a leader or a follower. Switching positions is very difficult to do mid dance so it’s impressive, however by switching throughout the dance, it means that the judges can’t really truly compare his frame as a leader to the other men, or his frame as the follower to the ladies. Therefore he will be scored well because of the skill of swapping rather than skills in hold
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  3. I genuinely think Rhys is a great dancer, he just doesn’t fit the format of couple’s dancing. Tilly’s scores were massively inflated, a blatant compensation for last week. I’m starting to get the feeling that John has peaked as we’ve pretty much seeing the same levels from him for the past few weeks. I can’t help but feel he’d be improving more with a better choreographer like Aljaz.

  4. Songs and dances. How are the band going to do a pre-watershed version of Make me Feel?
    Also how many times will Dan say "rumba is hard for the male celebs" this week?
  5. You’ve got to expect Tilly and Dan to be in trouble based on those.

  6. 3/6 Names for the Christmas Special announced. Glad they've gone back to new celebs, even if it just for this year, they were running out of former celebs. So excited for Mel even if she is with Neil, Surprised Fred wasn't on the main season, but guess first dates filming would stop him doing a full one
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  7. Motsi has to miss this weekend for the most ridiculous reason ever?

    But.. yay
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    Ready for more Cynthia! And the cast for the Xmas special is better than the main one? Jay and Fred are complete zads and Moira and Mel are legends!
  9. Tilly & Nikita and Rhys & Nancy are in the dance off.

    The judges all save Rhys & Nancy.

    Tilly & Nikita are eliminated.
  10. Cynthia giving AJ an 8 was not the geesh.
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  11. Didn’t she also give Dan a nine? Cynthia what is going on hun
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  12. DAS


    I don’t think we’re going to see Motsi back this series, with her being in Germany and with new travel restrictions across the globe because of the new covid variant, I think she may need to isolate on her return to the UK.

    She may wish to remain in Germany with her family for Christmas etc.

    I was very surprised to see that she has been traveling back and forth from Germany throughout the series.

    I wouldn’t mind Cynthia staying as a judge for the remainder of the series (except if she’s going to score Dan a 9 and AJ an 8?!?)
  13. It was very interesting in the recap how they made it seem like Rose was the only contestant not to get any negative feedback last night.

    It’a obviously been very clear that they’ve lined her up as the winner, but this was incredibly blatant.

    No idea how Dan is still there and I don’t know why we must continue to suffer in this way.
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  14. Hm at Dan. Even Nadiya looks completely shocked when they make it through every week!

    I really enjoyed Tilly and thought she was so gracious in her leaving tonight
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    Rhys is a great dancer, but in a weird way I don't think he's good at dancing?? I know this makes no sense but I don't know how best to describe it. I live for the support AJ seems to have though, a place in the final is a MUST for her!!
  16. Rhys’s Charleston was potentially the best dance of the series though. Dan needs to leave and I adore Cynthia but her scoring is messy so she can go too.
  17. It will be interesting to see who out of the other 4 will be with Rhys in the dance off next week.

    As unless he tops the vote Rhys will be bottom 2 as he is only getting 1 point from the public vote.
  18. I have wanted a Rose/John/AJ final from the off!
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