Strictly Come Dancing 2022

If Dan isn't in the bottom 2 this weekend then I can see him taking the whole thing.

As in the final where the judges scores don't count. People will get behind him especially if Craig is pulling out 6's and 7's.
My heart was in my mouth during AJ’s dance off - but she absolutely nailed those lifts! There was no way they couldn’t have saved her after that! In a way at least the dance off showed everyone that she could do those lifts!

She better make the final, she is really deserves it!

Oh Shirley...
I know she is getting accused of favoritism etc and getting way too much heat online but this attempt to deflect it isn't doing what she thinks it doing. If anything it feeds into the favoritism and bad judging accusations....


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I know they had a couple leave but it’s a shame they can’t let this be the final 4, it does feel like Rose is the only one with a final spot on lock though which is quite exciting??
Songs and Dances for Semi Final tonight. I think the final conclusion of Rose winning is more or less a done deal so tonight is the real exciting one to she who goes out of AJ, John and Rhys. I have a feeling Rhys could beat both in the dance off, so it will really come down to tonight and the scores.