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Strictly Come Dancing 2022

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tom Selick, May 30, 2018.

  1. I'm watching tonight's show in about an hour, excited.

    I don't know how to split my votes this week. It's gutting that at least one of AJ or John are going to be in the dance off. If it's both I will riot.

    AJ is my hometown lass but I think I'm going to vote for John, as I think she has a better chance out of the two of them of turning it in a dance off.

    I really hope Rhys is rubbish this week!
  2. Rose and Gio’s Argentine Tango was sensational, one of the best dances the show has seen as far as I’m concerned.

    AJ has smashed this week and truly deserves her place in the final, as does John.

    Rhys was great this week I felt, but it’s definitely his time to go, he doesn’t quite dance at the same level as the other 3.
  3. Rhys will almost certainly be in the dance off.

    He is bottom of the leaderboard and judging by the positions on the leaderboard he has been in for previous dance off appearances he is the bottom of the public vote.

    As I believe Rose is top of the public vote. It's really between AJ and John for the dance off.

    If John is 2nd and AJ is 3rd on the public vote. They would both be on 6 points so AJ would be in the dance off as a lower public vote.

    If AJ is 2nd and John is 3rd. AJ will have more points so it will be a John and Rhys dance off.

    I think unless Rose is in the bottom some how, I think Shirley will vote to keep Rhys. So it depends on how the other 3 vote.
  4. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Rhys was better than John long as AJ gets through I'm happy!!
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  5. John & Johannes and Rhys & Nancy were in the dance off

    The judges unanimously saved John & Johannes

    Rhys & Nancy were eliminated
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  6. There's zero tension or excitement around who 'might' win this now.
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  7. Gay RIGHTS. We all know Rose has this, but it's a PERFECT top three and the final will just be an absolute joy to watch.
  8. Poor AJ, I really do hope she gets better but it doesn't look great does it she has more or less missed the entire week of training?Also what a strange clip for the social media team to post??? Is it just me?

    Plus no Tilly or Robert for the final all cast dance, Tilly due to COVID
  9. My winner is out -

    Boring bastards remain.
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  10. So gutted about this, I was really hoping she’d be able to pull through.
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  11. So sad for her. She has been brilliant and deserved her moment on Saturday night.
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  12. That’s so sad. I was hoping AJ would recover in time. She’s been incredible on the show and has given us some great performances.
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  13. Oh that's gutting. I'm not surprised from when she was on It Takes Two on Wednesday.

    But it's gonna be weird just having the two of them in the final on Saturday.
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  14. Gutted by AJ’s withdrawal - I was so excited about seeing that Golddust jive again.

    If she recovers in time, I might even book tickets to see the tour (after always having questioned the entire point of the tour given that it takes place after the event!).
  15. Oh man, the final is going to be so boring now.
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  16. My hometown queen! SUCH sad news. I was so looking forward to this final as I love all 3 of them.
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  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Poor AJ she must be completely devastated.
  18. The final is always a bit of a lame overscoring-fest:

    “You fell over twice and shit your pants in the middle of the floor - TEN!”
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  19. I mean especially after Stacey and Kevin messed up every dance and still won. I think mostly because Craig told them the truth on how awful their show dance was. The judges are so light in the final. It's not like their scores count in the final anyway.
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