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Strictly Come Dancing 2022

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tom Selick, May 30, 2018.

  1. Ah John and Johannes's show dance was joyous. Very poppers o'clock.
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  2. DAS


    Absolutely delighted with the winner! So so so deserved and such a rightful winner.

    Also the sun publishing an article saying that Oti is the new dancing on ice judge. I think she would be an inspired choice!
  3. I thought it was supposed to be Arlene, but I guess her lack of popularity on I'm a Celeb contributed to her not doing it.

    If Oti is a judge on Dancing on Ice that almost certainly confirms she won't be a professional dancer on next year's Strictly.
  4. The returning pros for this year's series have been confirmed. As previously announced, Aljaž and Oti are not returning.

  5. I miss Aljaž and Oti already.
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  6. Literally my only reasons for watching.

  7. Bruno looks to be gone permanently now for DWTS USA. Anton now permanent
  8. I'm kinda glad. I liked the vibe of the judges last year.
  9. First few contestants are revealed this morning - it’s nearly Christmas!
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  10. MB


  11. No hints that they were starting the announcements this year either.

    Maybe they want to get ahead of the papers etc before they start leaking the lineup
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  12. Contestant number 2.
  13. Not a bad start so far. Recognisable names.
  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Will is such a hottie yas.
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  15. Off to a great start with those two! Can't believe we're already at this point in the year already - Strictly feels like the lead into Christmas.
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  16. I’m surprised it’s taken Kym so long to participate - she’s a perfect fit for the show. If you told me she had already participated (perhaps during one of the earlier seasons of the show), I’d have believed you.
  17. She won’t have been allowed to for a long time as she was contracted to ITV with Corrie.

  18. Confirmation of another all male partnership this year.
    Wonder if the rumors are true and they will have another all female partnership this year too.
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  19. DAS


    The rumours this year are strange, it seems much less than previous years about rumours, usually by reveal date there are 6/7 celebrities that we basically know will be on it. I guess with the sun articles the "confirmed" celebrities get released about 1 day before their reveal (which is such a shame as it ruins the excitement of the announcment)

    Based on the rumours, I would say that my predicted line up for this year is:
    1. Will Mellor, Actor - Confirmed
    2. Richie Anderson, BBC Radio 2 DJ - Confirmed
    3. Adam Thomas, Actor
    4. Tony Adams, Retired Footballer
    5. George Webster, CBeebies Presenter
    6. Mike Tindall, Former Rugby Union Player & Royal Family Member
    7. Owain Wyn Evans, Journalist & Broadcaster
    8. Kym Marsh, Presenter, Actress & Singer - Confirmed
    9. Kaye Adams, Loose Women Panelist - Likely to be confirmed on Loose Women today
    10. Helen Skelton, Television Presenter
    11. Rosie Jones, Comedian
    12. Scarlett Moffatt, Presenter & Personality
    13. Steph McGovern, Presenter
    14. Sophie Winkleman, Actress
    15. Paige Sandhu, Former Emmerdale Actress
    I am craving for some musicians to be on this year's line up, celebrities like Rachel Stevens, Holly Valance, Ashley Roberts, Pixie Lott, Alexandra Burke, Faye Tozer etc. always bring the performance element from the off which is always exciting. I don't know which female popstar I would predict to be in the line up this year, maybe Emeli Sande? potential female same sex couple? Foxes? Tina Barrett? Ella Eyre?
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