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Strictly Come Dancing 2022

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tom Selick, May 30, 2018.

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    Daily Fail claiming that that's them all done and there's only 14? Then again within the article it also refers to Helen Skelton who hasn't been announced yet but maybe she's the last one today?
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  3. Last name announced. Don't know why they dragged Helen's annoucment out, she was leaked days ago.
    The line up is a bit "have they not already done it" with a lot of them, but we'll see.

    Also what's they deal with the female pros only having 6 male partner options but male pros have 9? Female pros not getting a look in again with the producers picks...
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  4. Launch show is Saturday 17th of September, live shows start one week later on the 24th.

    I do wonder seeing as they bring the winner back to dance again most years and im sure Rose will be back again, will they invite AJ back to do the showdance she didn't get to do with Kai ? I doubt they will but it would be great if the did
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  5. Surely someone has to dance to this:
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  6. So Strictly is delayed. Was due to air this Saturday but the Launch /Pairing Show will now air on Friday the 23rd of September at 7 pm.
    Then the first live show will air the next day, Saturday the 24th of Sep.

    Bit of an odd one, do not know what is so disrespectful of airing Strictly this Saturday as normal instead of delaying until next Friday? It will be up against soaps etc on Friday so could well be the lowest rated launch show in a while, plus the week between the launch show and the first show gives people a chance to get the couple to root for, so this first live show could be a bit too soon.

    Edit: Also they have replaced this Saturdays Strictly with Paddington Movie? Its crazy how a cartoon bear has become assocated with the royals? #FreePaddington
  7. Both Paddington films are great and don't deserve to have been appropriated by monarchists.

  8. Launch show its tonight at 7pm. The one thing I hope for this season is that the winner isn't so obvious right at the beginning like it has been the last few years.
  9. Two same sex couples this year, I’m super happy with that!
  10. So excited the best show on TV is back. Lots of great pairings this year.
  11. Song and Dances for tonight

  12. Jumbah_fly.png Motsi serving the blue Boohbah tonight.
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  13. Instrumental of Muna’s What I Want playing during Richie’s rehearsal segment was gay rights to be honest.
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    Will Mellor really is this year's hottie huh.
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  15. He definitely gave an eyeful in his VT.
  16. Fleur's partner...fucking hell.
  17. They really are giving The Gays everything they want this series.

    I can see Matt Goss leaving before he's voted off in the dance off.
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