Strictly Come Dancing 2023

So excited for AJ!
Me too, even in her reveal she was just the right kind of fun that the show needs.
The strictly audience though..... well, we shall see. But I think she'll be great.

I think they said the next reveal is on BBC Radio 2 in the morning so that could really be anyone
A really good first 3 reveal! Good, unexpected names. I really like AJ and thought she came across so well on the Wheel last weekend that I thought she’d inevitably turn up on Strictly soon.

I’d like to have a female pop singer on this year, someone like- Ella Eyre, Raye, Cher Lloyd, Tallia Storm, Fleur East, Rebecca Ferguson, Melanie C, Tina Barrett, Natasha Hamilton, Mutya from the Sugababes, Beverly Knight - would be a good option as they have a good enough career, have some name recognition, would likely be quite good and also would be beneficial for their careers.

I think most of these names (which were more than I was anticipating mentioning) wouldn’t feel out of place in strictly