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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tom Selick, May 30, 2018.

  1. First official announcement: Show is back in September, all pros apart from Brendan and Chloe (poor Chloe) are back with some new pros making 18 pros in all (Oti and Nadiya to get the best male dancers btw)

    Everyone from Michelle Keegan to Rylan to Jessica Ennis-Hill and even Les Dennis has been rumored Also i'm starting my annual pray for the BAFTA award winning Jane McDonald to be on the show

    Feel free to join me
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  2. Free tickets for the Red Carpet event on the 27th of August and the Premiere show recording on the 31st are up for grabs if anyone wants to apply with the thousands of others who apply every year

    Now ticket lotteries are up (rest of the live shows will be up next week) they will start releasing names in the next week or two (usually at the start of August)
  3. I can’t think of anyone who I’d be desperate to see do it, they had a decent line up last year so I’ll trust them.

    I imagine they’ll go for one or two former footballers to cash in on the World Cup fever, like they did in 2012 after the London Olympics.
  4. Jane won’t do the show this year, her career doesn’t need the boost.

    She is the current Queen of Channel 5, a BAFTA winner and had an album recently in the top 10.

    We will get an Eastenders star, someone that has just left Corrie or Hollyoaks, a sports star, some form of weather girl or Loose Women. Throw in a chef, some faded popstars and we have a line up.
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  5. Announcements should be starting soon
  6. My favourite time of the year!
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  7. Well, fuck whoever else they book this year, I already know who I'm backing!
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  9. Why are they trying to get people to go against her before the show even starts? I will not have more Alexandra and Debbie slander like last year
  10. I’m pretty sure criticising Faye Tozer is a criminal offence punishable by death.
  11. Faye being able to do pop dance routines already doesn’t necessarily give her an advantage when it comes to doing the foxtrot or the tango or anything like that, it just means she has rhythm and can pick things up. The public want 15 people who have never danced and people who can make a fool of themselves but then will be bored by week three when everyone is terrible. God knows why this has to be a “thing” every year.
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  12. It better be true about Faye!
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  13. Names start being revealed on Monday.
  14. We had Heather Morris from "Glee" and literally a former backup dancer for Beyoncé on Dancing with the Stars. She ended up in 8th place. Agreeing with everyone else. It doesn't matter in the long run.

    I do think there is something to be said for leveling the playing field a little bit though. For example, as you may know, Nicole Scherzinger won series 10 of Dancing With The Stars, which saw the (at the time) 32-year-old performer who minored in dance in university competing against Buzz Aldrin, an (at the time) 80-year-old former astronaut. I mean, come on.
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    There's always this controversy, it's pointless.

    Faye to win I don't even care who else is signed now.
  16. Speaking of Nicole

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  17. They should have a whole series with celebs with previous dance experience just to shut everyone up.
  18. Can’t wait for this to start!
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