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Strictly Come Dancing

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tom Selick, May 30, 2018.

  1. Literally came to say the exact same thing. I don’t like the tone that Shirley takes with certain contestants sometimes and Anton made a bit of a dick-move by answering back. However, Emma looked visibly upset last night, like she was fighting back tears.

    And I know it’s no excuse as she knows what she was singing up for, but I can imagine doing two gruelling jobs at the same time is very exhausting. My heart goes out to her.
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  2. Much as I like the zaddy that is Chris Ramsay, that routine had so many synchronicity issues and looked really clunky in some places, then got his best scores to date!?
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  3. I've found myself rooting for Michelle so much. I feel like Bruno's 8 for her was a little harsh given he gave Mike an 8 too, when he had a bunch of mistakes.

    I feel like Michelle is coming across really well in terms of personality too.
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  4. The fact im looking forward to this more then whatever is left of the actual series is pretty telling as to how bored I am with this years series...
  5. If you look at the choreographers run through, it looks the same -

    I actually loved how much he got into it more than anything.
  6. The repugnant Saffron was grossly overmarked tonight.
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  7. People vote for AJ though. He’s a doll. It doesn’t matter who’s hanging off him.
    I loved Michelle’s dance tonight.
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  8. He makes me physically sick
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  9. Is it just me or is series dull as hell? Where are the personalities ?
  10. Karim sucked them all up like a succubus. He’s like a parasite, attaching himself to the nearest celebrity slightly more famous than he is so he can take on their power and move on to the next one. Like Michelle Pfeiffer in Stardust.
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Saffron once complained about someone committing suicide in front of a train because it “made her late home”. If that’s not the sign of a vile person in and out then what is?
  13. She's also only 19. Calling a teenager vile and repugnant for saying something ignorant seems a bit extreme.
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  14. Karim is a bit annoying but I do think he is an exceptional dancer.
  15. Apparently Michelle is in the dance off?!
  16. She has since apologised for this.

    I think it's a little ridiculous that a young woman making one really stupid and obviously misjudged remark instantly makes you think she's worthy of being called "vile". Let's not do this.
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  17. Yep, against Mike. Unanimous decision to send Mike home.
  18. Oh shit. That means Michelle is likely out next week then because she’s been scoring well so the public must now not be voting for her. I’ll probably switch off when she goes.
  19. Hence why I'm all over Chris.

    The judges will keep her at the top of the leader board to try to bypass that.
  20. Unless she’s against Karim or Kelvin, or has a bad dance that she can’t save in the dance-off, she’ll likely be saved all the way to the final.

    It could also be a blip and she’ll be fine for the rest of the series.
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