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Strictly Come Dancing

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tom Selick, May 30, 2018.

  1. She’ll 100% get a bounce back.

    She’s also one of the very best dancers in the competition so will likely always be saved by the judges.
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  2. Nah, on Strictly, contestants have placed in the bottom 2 loads of times and made it to the final. Some have even won. Caroline was in this bottom 2 this exact week and won.
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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    She obviously deserved to stay but being 2nd on the leaderboard and still being bottom 2 out of 8 people is concerning.
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  4. It's voter apathy. People assume that the people at the top of the leaderboard don't need votes but they do.
  5. I think it's also that the people who aren't the best dancers seem to be among the most popular. Chris especially, but Alex too, Emma to an extent.

    People seem to start taking it a bit more as a dancing talent show once Blackpool hits, so I hope she can outlast a couple of them now - not that there are really any 'comedy' contestants left, Chris at times I suppose.

    I'm a lot less confident of her making the final now but I'm very confident of her survival next week.
  6. It was boring this week, nearly all slowies and an Ed Sheeran song, bleecchhh.

    Someone on Twitter was bleating not to vote for Saffron otherwise there'll be more social media stars. They seemed oblivious to the fact they used social media to publish this rant.
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  7. Yeah, I would assume people thought Karim was in danger but he probably got the most votes because of this.

    Michelle always had the odds stacked against her being an older, American woman, but I'm actually pretty surprised she managed to make it to week 8 before landing in the bottom, given there's been a couple of weeks where she was nearer the middle of the leader-board. She seems to have quite a dedicated online fan-base, so I'm sure she'll get a good rebound vote next week, so long as she does a good dance.
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  8. It didnt help that her dance, while beautifully done, wasn't showy or had any big tricks. I'm not surprised she ended up in the bottom and hopefully it will give her a boost as she's got a lot of fan favourite dances left to do - Charleston etc.
  9. I know it's superficial but Michelle's dress was one of the ugliest dresses I have ever seen on Strictly. When she saw the shade of green it was she should have said 'No! (insert gif of Michelle shaking her finger)' It may seem stupid but that sort of thing does make an impact.
  10. My thoughts exactly - we watch Strictly for escapist glamour... not whatever THAT textile monstrosity was... it certainly can't have helped...
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  11. Hasn't she dissed people on Drag Race for wearing green before?
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  12. The tour cast was announced today and Michelle is not part of it, although it appears to not be her choice.
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  13. Yeah something really weird is going on there, she seems really put out not to be on there.
    Yes, she has luckily gotten some of the harder/worse dances out of the way, but still has the couples choice, Charleston, Tango, Argentine Tango (if they're still doing this) to come. My only worry is...The Samba.
  14. Michelle is gonna be contracted into the 17 series of Drag Race they’re filming this year, isn’t she?
  15. If she wasn't free they I don't know why she'd be tweeting petitions to get her on.

    She's doing street/commercial to Vogue at Blackpool by the way. Gay rights.
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  16. I was expecting couples choice, I was maybe even expecting Vogue... but I was expecting theatre-jazz. I hope she's not breakdancing in a Kevin & Perry hat!!

    Yeah she's very put out not to be on the tour. Another bad sign for her making the final, much as these things should not matter, they do.

    She definitely has loads of crowd pleasers left... just whether she gets a chance to do them.
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  17. They all get backing dancers for blackpool don't they? Or is that no longer a thing? If so, drag queens for Michelle please!
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  18. I don't think all do but I think they can have them if they want them. Yes!! It could be really iconic if there's loads of them vogueing in sync!

    Chris has posted a picture with a group of about ten so think it's still a thing!
  19. Street/commercial seems to be the loosest genre ever. Some people have taken “street” literally (like Chris doing Let’s get ready to rumble in a tracksuit) but Stacey Dooley’s looked like this:

    so a Vogue inflected one should work fine. Fingers crossed!
  20. I feel a 40 coming on with Michelle’s Vogue performances.
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