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Strictly Come Dancing

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tom Selick, May 30, 2018.

  1. MB


    That opening was terrible. Awful song choice, all over the shop choreography and awful Kevin leading it all.
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  2. How on earth is Michelle going to dance in that (incredible) wig? It looks heavy.
  3. Well she didn't get given much choreo. That explains it.
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  4. Michelle's dance was a real let down, sadly. I know it was voguing, so naturally there's going to be a lot of posing. But that's literally all there was... posing and walking, walking and posing, a little sit down, pose and walk. There was hardly any proper choreography.

    I thought she'd get a bounceback after last week, but I can see her being in trouble again.
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  5. You could tell Michelle had wanted to do that since joining the show. I just wish she had pushed a little more choreography out of it, as it felt more like an imitation of Madonna's watered-down version of voguing rather than paying tribute to the ballroom scene. I lived for the VMA's 1990 reference though!
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  6. Michelle and beautiful Giovanni are gonners, sadly. A bit of a lacklustre show today, and agree the opening was a horror!
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  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Michelle could really be in danger after tonight, everyone else has stepped their game up tremendously. I think they tried a bit too much to beg for people's votes to be honest, but they deserve to stay over Chris (as likeable as he is).
  8. Yeah, like - even if she's in the dance off with Chris, that choreo won't save her. Unless she gets masses of votes from the gays; she's a goner.

    I've used me 3 free votes and phoned in 4 times, but maybe this is karma for those Cheryl Hole critiques.
  9. Only caught the last couple of dances with the volume down and nephews and nieces running around but that last guy was so good!
  10. I’m pretty sure Michelle is going to get eliminated.
  11. Chris' dance isn't even recognisably a salsa. He seems lovely but he's ludicrously overmarked, same happened with Let's Get Ready to Rhumble. I guess he's popular though. I predict Michelle and Alex bottom.
  12. Overall yeah, but he's above them on the leaderboard, so unless he fucked up in the dance off they'd probably still go over him.

    (Not that I think he'll even be in the bottom 2 anyway, which means Michelle is even more screwed.)
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  13. 2014

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    Alex has become my favourite. She's brilliant.
  14. I think it will be Saffron in the bottom with Michelle.

  15. Michelle sis get off Twitter
  16. I was looking forward to Michelle's dance but was disappointed. I feel like it would have had more impact on a smaller dance floor as opposed to the huge Blackpool one. If it had been just her and Giovanni she would have been able to concentrate on getting the moves more defined and staccato, and wouldn't have to worry about other dancers. There were too many people on the floor and some of them pulled focus. But if she does go out tonight Michelle should be proud that she got to show what the dance scene and the LGBTQ community means to her. Brava!
  17. I was disappointed with Michelle's dance but it's getting a hella lot of shares on socials so hopefully that will be enough to get votes.
  18. Chris is lovely, leave him alone.
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  19. I really like him! I just don't understand why his dances are scoring so highly. Today's wasn't his fault, he didn't get much salsa content to work with, but the Street/Commercial had excellent choreography but wasn't executed as well as the scores suggested. He's fun to watch, and a lovely guy, but I think they're making out he's better than he is for reasons I can't work out. I
  20. Michelle V Saffron - Michelle eliminated.

    It's sad, but even if she danced perfectly in the dance off, there was nowhere near enough content to realistically save her. It would have been a great dance in week 2 or 3, but I don't see how they thought that was a good idea at this point in the competition, following her last few dances
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