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Strictly Come Dancing

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tom Selick, May 30, 2018.

  1. Not shocked at the result. A shame though, I'd rather the annoying one had gone.

    He performs what they give him to the best of his abilities and he's the first to slag it off. I was actually really impressed with the section of the routine with him in front, he owned the hell out of it.
  2. To the best of his abilities is still the worst dancer remaining. I think he's done a great job but I'd be a bit deflated if he were to win, which is looking possible.

    Nooo my beautiful Gio. I'll have to go to his tour.
  3. It’s funny, when she’s on Drag Race, I never agree with Michelle and find her mostly flop opinions and critiques annoying. In essence:


    But on Strictly, I love and feel oddly protective of her!
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  4. At least people are not voting for Saffron, her speaking only in reality tv cliches is really annoying, AJ is too with his O.T.T Choreography
  5. Chris is a light spark of fun and personality in a year full of bland people remaining, he wont win though as we are hurtling towards a Kelvin win..... and have been since week 1
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  6. I think it's Karim's to lose now to be honest.
  7. I always look at the reaction and engagement with the additional dancers in the Blackpool show, as I think it speaks to the kind of person the celebrity is. Compare the pro-girls at the end of Alex's where they were all celebrating and congratulating her, with Saffron where they just all walked off and Saffron didn't even acknowledge or thank them.
  8. The best thing was the dancers' WTF reactions to Sooty

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  9. I think I'm officially Team Alex now. I would love to see her going all the way to the final.
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  10. Between that and him making sure he mentioned that he brought Oti's Mam over to watch her dance when no one asked about it... He is a complete twat, but will still most likely win
  11. "baby girl"? Oh no, sir.

    I'd like a Karim win. I love Oti so regret not being able to cheer her on (and I have a soft spot for Jamie Laing so lament what could have been, though I'm sure he would have had an early exit).
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  12. Michelle's routine was so misjudged - as mentioned earlier, a facsimile of Madonna's already watered down presentation... the gays have seen Pose and know how great it could have been (yet wasn't) and the "what is voguing?" audience already saw Johannes SERVING TO THE GODS in the David Bowie group dance a few weeks ago. So it ended up lacklustre to everyone.

    Why do I feel like she'll maintain that it was "too ahead of its time for certain people" when it was actually a bit tired and basic white bread in reality...
  13. What didn't help was the fact that it was hyped up so much. I'd read a couple of news stories saying how great it was, plus the whole sob story of her VT, and then......nothing. It was a dance Mike Bushell could have done in his sleep.

    Considering she makes a career of telling drag queens to bring their A game and step up, she really could've listened to her own advice.
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  14. Just buzzing through The performances on YouTube and catching up now. Alex was absolutely sensational. I get the criticism of Chris but the improvement from week one is amazing and I get why the public are on board with him.

    Michelle performed the routine perfectly, the issue was the choreography which I guess was mostly out of her hands. Maybe she could have pushed harder for a more complex routine but she did great with what she had. I don’t think there’s anything for her to be ashamed of for her entire run. . . Bar a few of those fashion choices.
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  15. Something went on behind the scenes for Michelle to go from favourite to being booted from the tour AND the show in the same week.
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  16. What went on behind the scenes was that awful, lame arse, sub Bananarama routine.

    Imagine telling everyone that you grew up Voguing, that the scene was your family and you've been doing it for 35 years and then going on TV and proving that YOU CAN'T VOGUE!!!

    Unless you were gonna pull some Willy Ninja shit then leave well alone.
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  17. The thing is Gio managed to get a bit more content into his parts while Michelle was literally sat down doing her routine. They could have easily done something vogueing based and made it a bit more exciting.
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  18. Gio never looked hotter than he did in this week's dance. Mmmm.
  19. Yeah Gio was amazing in it.. the best part of it sadly. The issue was the routine, just not enough content. It could have been SO much more.

    (I do too think that Michelle isn't THAT amazing a Voguer. And the choreographers should have clocked this and put it ELEMENTS of Vogue into a more busy and varied routine, because what she HAS been is an excellent all round dancer who could handle way more)

    What I did appreciate was Michelle giving Craig a headache in the decision making. She really did listen to the notes. It was WAY better second time around. Maybe because the first time I experienced only disappointment and I knew what to expect second time BUT I really do think she sold the shit out of it second time around.

    I'll miss her, I don't LOVE any of them now, Alex is probably my fave but she's not good enough to be a Strictly winner.
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  20. The routine was great until the chorus kicked in and she went and sat down for ten seconds.

    Saffron being in the bottom two gave me way too much joy, I have to admit.
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