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Strictly Come Dancing

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tom Selick, May 30, 2018.

  1. All the routine needed was like 5 - 10 seconds (preferably where she was sat down) that gave us a trick/moment and I think she would still be in the competition.
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  2. My BF turned to me and said we could probably have learned the same routine in a few days, which rendered it a bit 'easy' looking.

    Hard to believe Anton du thingy had never scored a single 10 up until now!?
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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The tour shenanigans literally always threaten to derail the series.
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  4. Drag Race UK is finishing, the Beeb don’t need her to cross promote anymore?
  5. My boyfriend said the same thing but I didn't pay attention because I don't watch the show.
  6. I'd guess the main reason she isn't on the tour is that they saw that she was low in the public votes most weeks (but high enough on the leaderboard to not land her bottom 2 when there were still so many people in) so they don't think she'd be much of an incentive for people to buy tickets. Even when she was first or second on the leaderboard most weeks, she was never even close to being a favourite with the bookies, I think the highest she got was 4th or 5th.

    The routine was truly bizarre though. It's the kind of routine they'd give to one of the jokier acts who can't dance to try and hide their lack of skill, but we know for a fact she can dance extremely well. Maybe it was sabotage for whatever reason, but there was no chance she was going to survive after that.
  7. Alijaz in a pink tux.

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  8. With a tie at the top and bottom. Be interesting to see who ends up bottom 2 tomorrow night... Definitely not later tonight...
  9. This series has been pretty shit tbh
  10. Do you not say this about every series
  11. Eh no? Last year was great, this year is woeful, bad judging, bad scoring, bad dancing, bad themes etc
  12. So fucking happy for Chris!

    Also chuffed Saffron has gone.
  13. I guess the core fan-bases come into play now, which is why Karim ended up near the bottom as nobody other than children is likely to know who he is.
  14. Last night’s show was great, one of my favourites of the series so far. I was chuffed for Karim getting 40, he really deserved it. I loved Kelvin’s performance too but I did think he was out of time in some parts. He’ll probably score 40 next week anyways. Chris brought me so much joy as well! I look forward to watching him every week.

    Chris vs Alex.
    Alex was eliminated from the competition.
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  15. I'm a little sad about the result. I had such high hopes for Alex!
  16. There are two people who should not be in this competition still.
  17. The fact that Emma or Chris will make the final is just...ridiculous.
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  18. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    Michelle is now dragging Craig and Bruno for not being supportive enough of her vogue. Saying they should have lapped it up, despite it lacking enough energy or content, simply because they are gay is the ultimate in straight-splaining.

    She’s turned what could have been real moment for her in the UK into a tawdry whinge-fest.
  19. Heart FM was on somewhere I was earlier with Anton du Thingy on it, and Jamie Theakston was of the opinion he and Emma are the 'most supported' couple this year.
  20. I wanted either Karim or Kelvin to win, therefore I’m happy with the result. Over the moon for Oti too! Well deserved. It’s been a great series this year, I’ve personally really enjoyed it.
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