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Strictly Come Dancing

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tom Selick, May 30, 2018.

  1. Clara’s in trouble...
  2. What about when they got tangled up in the microphone cables and just stopped dancing. Can't remember who it was.
  3. That chess bit for Jamie was such a time waster and I'm so over him being here.
  4. Mark Ramprakash and Karen Harding's salsa.
  5. I kinda hope Clara is in the dance off, purely to see her do it again, and hopefully do it justice.
  6. I honestly love Craig as a judge.

    Brutal honesty, sassy attitude but always with heart & a sense of humour. Compare to someone like Jason Gardiner who was just nasty for the sake of it.
  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Clara wasn't that bad, yeah the mistakes were noticeable but she had some good moments! Hopefully the goodwill she's managed to get can carry her through again, but 2 bad dances in a row is a shame - I can't see her surviving a dance-off against anyone.
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  8. Clara’s dance was really uncomfortable to watch. But I still like her significantly more than JJ, Jamie and HRVY so hopefully she I threw her two of my votes this week.

    Maisie was fantastic this week. Hopefully she isn’t in the bottom 2.
  9. Trying to see beyond Clara's mistakes the routine was just poor, again. I think he is letting her down.

    Also JJ saying they'll never take that away from us to Amy at the end of the dance made me cringe to high hell, they are just too twee for me.
    I'd say i'm 99% Bill has this won. The support he has after a pretty meh dance (even some people saying he was undermarked?) shows he has all the support to win now
  10. I think it will be an all male final

    Clara out tonight followed my Maisie then Ranvir.

    I think JJ will win. He has the soldier / poppy vote and the Scottish vote. So I think he will be 4th with the judges in the final but top of the public vote.
  11. We don’t claim him.
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  12. Maisie is fucking incredible. That dance was the best this year.
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  13. HRVY getting 30 for pissing about is a joke.
  14. Apparently ...

    Clara and Jamie in Dance off, Craig saves Clara, Shirley and Motsi save Jamie.

    Clara is eliminated
  15. He was also noticeably faster a few times than Janette. Yet the judges didn't pull him up on it?
  16. Damn, thats two years in a row Karen has knocked out someone with more potential then her own partner ,who is there for comedy, with crap ballroom
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  17. 2014

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    I'm sad :( Jamie is so irritating!!
  18. I’m sad too and gave all of my votes to Clara as usual but I couldn’t help but be a bit frustrated with her performance on Saturday night. She was given a crowd pleasing dance style, theme and routine (unlike last week’s chef themed samba monstrosity) and she just did a terrible job of it. That would be fair enough if she was a terrible dancer but she has shown herself to be very capable on occasion so I’m not sure why she couldn’t deliver.
  19. Are we at the point where celebrities with ‘real’ jobs are penalised for not being able to commit 8 hours a day to dancing? I feel like maybe she has had trouble balancing it? Or perhaps she just stumbled at the start and struggled to get it together throughout the dance? I’m not sure. Either way it’s a real shame, at least she delivered that incredible Charleston and remains the only good thing about Radio One in 2020
  20. Songs for Musicals Week

    Bill and Oti: Argentine Tango to Phantom of the Opera from Phantom of the Opera

    HRVY and Janette: American Smooth to One (Singular Sensation) from A Chorus Line

    Jamie and Karen: Jive to Everybody's Talking About Jamie from Everybody's Talking About Jamie

    JJ and Amy: Charleston to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    Maisie and Gorka: Jive to Little Shop of Horrors from Little Shop of Horrors

    Ranvir and Giovanni: Viennese Waltz to She Used To Be Mine from Waitress
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