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Studio Killers - Bedroom Eyes with The Knocks

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ePoise, May 24, 2018.

  1. EDIT: This used to be the lyric video for Party Like It's Your Birthday but they have since deleted it from their discography and gave it to Omi which was a big surprise and very confusing at the same time.....
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  2. I'm actually excited for this.
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  3. Super excited too.

    I forgot how good Jenny and Eros and Apollo are.
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  4. Perfect timing for summer
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  5. I'm ready. Their debut was stuffed with great songs, it all felt really lovingly crafted so I'm so glad they're back finally.
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  6. For those who have missed the snippet!
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  7. Hopefully this drops at midnight! Currently listening to their debut.

    EDIT: Out already in Canada

    EDIT 2: It's cute! Not as left field as I expected but I use.
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  8. My cats are named Eros and Apollo, if that's any indication how exited I am and how much I nerd out for this band.


    Oop; Noticed it's out! Issa bop, a little basic but very fun and catchy.
    A lot of what I liked about the debut was that they never take themselves seriously, and there is just a certain way they write/craft the songs that sounds very focused and cool. Summer is perfect with them.
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  9. It's a little vanilla when compared to the likes of Jenny, Eros and Apollo, Ode to the Bouncer, etc. BUT it's a nice feel-good Studio Killers track. Gonna be a total earworm though.

    Curious to see the roll-out for the rest of the campaign.

    EDIT: Cherry's ab-libs in that last chorus really elevate the song!
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  10. Issa summer bop, and so are the mixes included!
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  11. Didn’t realize they were dropping a visual as well. It’s cute!

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  12. Dirty Car is a blast.

  13. First song since the album that’s felt satisfying to me! Hopefully that’s a good omen for things to come.
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  14. This a great, I love this much more then the last track already.
    Agree with @collxtion, hope this is more in line with whats on the album! This track feels a little Basement Jaxx, which I just realized I'm totally in the mood for.

    I also love the shift to 100% drawn animation this era
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  15. Ooh she’s a bop. About to book a flight to Miami just so I can strut the beach with this on
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  16. Dirty Car is an absolute BOP.
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  17. Brilliant comeback. Their dance orientated stuff is their best.

    I hope their next album has more artwork on the CD / physical. For a band that is so visual, i thought it was odd the last one had a logo on the cover and no pictures.
  18. They’ve released their kickstarter for their anticipated pilot/new series.

    Definitely gonna back this!
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  19. Oh, this is awesome. Definitely backing.
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