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Studio Killers - Bedroom Eyes with The Knocks

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ePoise, May 24, 2018.

  1. So it's out there. That new bass-synth really gives me some USB Stick Exclusive tracks vibes. Kim's vocals on this are very lush, but they DO NOT compare to Cherry's.

    Cherry is so theatrical and Kim Malone just did not bring it to this track.

    Hope it works out for them in the end though.

    EDIT: Playing the original after this really just shows how lifeless this remix is..... someone edit them together please?
  2. I actually like this more than I thought it would. Nothing will compare to the original, since I think there’s a sort of longing in Cherry’s delivery, but this is a cute little update.
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  3. New music maybe this Friday? One day of the “eyes” emoji and today with music head phones.

  4. This is literally so unexpected to me. My two favorite groups coming together in this way is literally like winning the lottery.
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  5. It’s cute. Was hoping for a bit more UMPHhh with the instrumental, but I do anticipate some remixes to come from this. Hoping for a SK Remix.
  6. This is really good. I would have loved some Cherry vocals, though

    They also dropped this recently

  7. I ignored Schoolyard Dance-off. This is okay.

    I’m a little confused - has Teemu Brunila left the group in some way? Feels odd to not have any vocals from “Cherry” since Bedroom Eyes.
  8. Cherry, the vocals, the visuals… everything that made them Studio Killers has gone? How strange.
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  9. Yeah this all feels weirdly hollow.
  10. I think there’s no vocals from Cherry because these are tracks for the show and not a proper album, but that’s just an assumption.
  11. Soft Bitch, while admittedly a stylistic swerve, absolutely goes off so I can’t stop playing it. Sounds like something like ShyGirl would release.
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