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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Lately, Aug 19, 2020.

  1. I was surprised to see there's no thread for this since it's the new HBO critics/awards darling. Thoughts? Season 1 was ok but season 2 is where it's at for me. Only 2 episodes left for me.
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  2. They were just about to start filming on season 3 before the pandemic hit, but they hope to get up and running by Christmas.

    I say this because once you've watched the ending to season 2, you will immediately want more.
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  3. Oh I already miss it. Saw episode 8 last night and that rap moment had me dying. So cringy!
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  4. One of the best things that came of out HBO in the last 5 years. I started because of the hype and I couldn't let it go. The cast is stellar, the writing is meticulous, and the twists and turns makes it so fun.
    I'm not a fan of the "cringy-rich-people-suffering" type of show, but this one is so viciously done that I can't stop obsessing over it.
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  5. They're all wankers, and I love them
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  6. Every time you think "ah this character actually has something of a moral compass" they go and stab someone else in the back, but I suppose that's the intention.
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  7. Superb show, loved every minute of it. Such a horrible family, but it's utterly fascinating to watch them, and the twists and turns are excellent. Fantastic cast too, every actor brings their A game.
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  8. Can't wait for Season 3. This is really one of HBO's best shows.
  9. Started watching this recently and flew through season one. Absolutely brilliant with just enough shades of The Office to make it hilarious as well as a prestige drama.

    Two episodes into season two and I’m enjoying it, but maybe not as much? Probably just the comedown from the finale. I know this season is even more loved so I have full faith it will ramp up.
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  10. It does steamroll into bigger and better, also it will pay off watching them both in quick succession.
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  11. Succession is one of the very few shows that didn't have a sophomore slump. It only got bigger and better.
  12. Song of the year

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  13. Other than Big Little Lies (which was supposed to be a miniseries) I don't think I've watched an HBO show that really had one. Where a slump has happened at all (True Blood and the last Game of Thrones season being prime examples) it was much later in the run.
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  14. Yeah, I actually think most shows thrive in their second seasons because they learn what didn't work and adjust to audience reception etc. I feel like where they really got it right in the second season was getting the family together most of time while on the first there were way more separate storylines.
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  15. Season 1 great but it also was almost too caricatural. I feel like they managed to add so much depth and layers in the sophomore season while keeping the crazy dysfunctional dynamic of the family.
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  16. Boar on the floor, boar on the floor!
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  17. I also found S2 quite underwhelming to start with, but mostly because I'd heard so much about it being the stronger season. It does end probably the most satisfying of the two seasons, but this is my favourite show on TV no doubt.
  18. Okay I finished it, and it is amazing.
  19. They could finish the series with those final moments and it would feel closed...
    But we need to see the mess that will follow.
  20. I'm two episodes in and I love it.
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