Can I just call out Gerri as iconic.

“I don’t know how to tell you this, but I’m in a sexual relationship with your mother and she talks in her sleep.”

“This is your wedding, so why do I get the feeling I’m the one who’s about to be fucked?”

She cleanses my skin.
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Yay! ...But I can't remember if I like any of the characters.

I often confuse with show with Billions, where I want everyone to fall into a woodchipper.
I am so excited. Currently doing a rewatch before S3, because obviously. I watched the entire second season on a plane to and from Bali so I feel like I forget some of it, excited to experience it again.
This is perfection - one of the most ire-inducing shows in history.
The writing is so precise, astute & fun that witnessing the power play between these demonic people becomes an engrossing experience of despair & blood boiling frustration.

I want to scream at them 'DO THE RIGHT THING FOR ONCE' or 'DONT VALIDATE YOURSELF WITH ABUSE' but of course they fall back into their puerile vanities & rooted traumas. They don't know any better - so intelligent, but so cruelly clueless.
I'm not getting into it yet, it's full of really overlong scenes with a kinda twitchy dialogue. I just hope it's building towards something epic.

Also, what happened to Holly Hunter's character?