The problem with the “Things do happen, Rome” line is there’s no one good enough on the show to make that point, and this is where my complaint about the writing comes back, because there have been a few too many similar moments. The start of episode five, with Gerri’s speech and Hugo’s “We’re snakes on a plane,” I’m sorry, is this suddenly The West Wing?

It’s not that I miss Logan as a character, but without him, and this is probably deliberate, the floundering of the characters means some stuff is landing perfectly and other stuff feels like dead air. I thought the wasabi and La Croix scene was terrible, but once we got past that bullshit, and the characters motivations were put to the forefront in the final third, the episode finally came together.

I should say, I grade Succession on a tough scale. When I know something can be as good as this can be, I want it that good all the time.
We love you but dragging this show’s writing… has your account been hacked?


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God that episode made me feel sick fff. I appreciated the comedy (even if I did find the wasabi scene a little... off-brand) but I finished the episode feeling a bit traumatized. Obviously the election stuff was one thing but Shiv taking L after L was brutal.

I'm really not ready to let go of this show. I was originally fine with them ending it with Season 4 because there were only so many "Logan vs the kids" storylines they could do, but now they've opened a goldmine of new material and we're not gonna get to see any of it play out.
The lighter moments of the episode need a mention.

- everyone, especially Tom, freaking out about the touchscreen malfunctioning.
- the choir master from Love Actually getting wasabi in his eyes due to to Greg faffing about (I was wondering what he was doing) and then Greg trying to resolve it with a HINT of lemon La Croix.
- Greg pretending to take coke.
- Kendall thinking having his ex wife and kids being tailed, without telling them they were being tailed, was a "good parenting" move.
- Conheads.
- The old guard keeping their distance from the drama and laughing at it all.

"Connor was running for president?" had me losing my mind.



They better have already started engraving those Emmy’s. Christ. Kieran giving a masterclass in how to walk the finest of emotional lines, from thinly veiled gravitas, to crude discomfort, to shattered little boy is an absolute feat. Jeremy is incredible as always. One look on his face and I know exactly what Kendall is thinking but no idea what he’ll actually do. And Shiv…what I would give to shake her shoulders and ask her what the fuck she’s doing. Watching her constantly get her ass handed to her while simultaneously refusing to admit that maybe she doesn’t know as much as her brothers and that she’s not the shark she thinks she is is just…draining. She, too, walks such a fine line between barely keeping it together and overcompensating for it by trying to blaze through everything her path. Every single performance in this show is top notch but the three siblings and Connor are just phenomenal. These characters feel so fleshed out which I was concerned about when I started the show because I wondered how they’d humanize these assholes, but it’s been done so beautifully.

Watching everyone drown and flounder about now that Logan’s gone feels like being strapped to a chair while a toddler with a knife runs around. Before tonight’s episode, I was thinking Roman was truly the one that would rise to the occasion and meet his father’s shadow, but the funeral really drove home how battered and broken he really is. He was a little boy up there and it, in my opinion, ruined any chance he had at taking the power. Kendall’s a fucking mess but he’ll at least rally and pull it together somehow, and it was never going to be Shiv.

I just can’t fathom that there’s only one more episode left. The way we left it with Roman tonight has me so scared for him. “Is he in there? Can we get him out?” broke me and watching him unravel further at the end of the episode was hard to watch. I really have no clue where we’re going but I have such a sense of dread. Ugh.
Greg for US CEO? I just feel like they are building up to something with his time spent with Matsson, and now that introduction to Mencken, and his willingness to do anything in exchange for power (he's a perfect puppet for that position, as Shiv describes to Matsson)
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Predictions for the last episode?

I see either:
1. Kendall wins
2. They all fail and Mattson and Mencken win, with the siblings basically having ushered in America’s fall to media powered fascism
2.5 Perhaps with Greg as a puppet CEO who has no true power