Raising a glass to Gerri after this finale... Maybe I'm just in awe of J. Smith-Cameron after watching Margaret, but I loved having glimpses of her briefly appearing at the funeral and the board meeting. Making her presence seen and heard with occasional witty remarks (like the one about Stockholm Syndrome at the funeral) without desperately sucking up to those who she thinks will win. And now along with Karolina and unlike Frank and Karl she's staying on after the merge. A hustler.


Logan was such an evil man. Being all jolly with the older gang and Kerry but never giving any of that affection to the main three. Instead, playing them off against each other for sport. Better for the three of them to be out of that company, they’re still rich beyond imagining for most people.
After sleeping on it, I’ve come around dd. I always struggle with shows where you aren’t exactly supposed to root for anyone in particular because they’re all awful, so I lost sight of the central theme of the show in those last few scenes.

None of the siblings ever really wanted anyone but themselves to take over. At the end of the day, I think Shiv’s decision had more to do with never wanting one of her brothers to take over vs. her own proximity to the CEO. This was never meant to be a story of siblings coming together, and the repeated failed attempts at them doing so is the core of the show.

I’ll miss these fucked up people tremendously.
I think everything that’s been said about Shiv here is true, but I also think she probably genuinely thought Kendall would be terrible. She was the only morally complex sibling of the three, after all.

Mind you, it was probably only like 20 percent of her decision, but a testament to her characterization that I get to sit here and think about the myriad of reasons she might’ve made the decision she did.

Also, I nearly did a spit take when Kendall was scraping the barrel and said “I’m the oldest boy!” like the fucking child he is.
I enjoyed it, but i long ago realised i didn’t care who ‘won’ because it could only be a temporary situation anyway, then the next crisis would come along. So for me, enjoyable as it was I ‘d have liked more Conner, Willa, Geri to name but 3 of the amazing supporting characters. Nice to get some more Caroline though.