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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Lately, Aug 19, 2020.

  1. I read that he was supposed to be killed off earlier but the writers didn't do it in the end, probably because like you say, he's such an important character. I do think they'll do it at some point though.
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  2. Killing Logan would be a step too far, unless Brian Cox has chosen to leave. Anyway, even if he did leave, I’m sure he’d still put them all through the ringer from beyond the grave.
  3. I loved tonight’s episode. I think Shiv might have hit her breaking point.
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  4. Kendall and Tom's scenes at the diner are probably my favorite scenes of the season so far
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  5. Screw him over, Shiv.
  6. OK but did anyone else think Roman and Justin Kirk were going to bang?
  7. YES! I was 100% waiting for one of them to unzip.
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  8. Roman has this creepy-but-hot (?!) sexual energy with everybody he has a power-dynamic (except for his own family).
    Reminds me of my ex-boss, which was dashing and very sexual in his behavior at the work place (without ever really going there and trespassing the harasser line - he navigated that last frontier of uncomfortable arousal).
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  9. Now that was a fucking brilliant episode, so many funny moments.
    - Who's here?
    - Who isn't?
    - Your mom
    - Your dad
    - Your wife and kids.

    I had to rewind because the delivery was perfect.
    I gotta say though, Roman is annoying me. He's beyond a caricature now. The worst part is I don't doubt there are billionaires just like him but I'm just finding it harder and harder to enjoy him as a comic relief. Though I've always hated that type of characters on TV so maybe I'm too sensitive ddd
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  10. The last two episodes have been series-bests. The scenes between the siblings in this in particular were probably the most brutal the show's ever been.
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  11. Every episode I like Connor more and hate everyone else more, even though I began the show liking everyone but Connor.
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  12. The crossover I needed.
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  13. Agreed, every interaction between the siblings is so tense and brutal, every word crackles.

    I can’t work out what Shiv’s next move is. Is Roman really Logan’s pawn, is he gonna be screwed over eventually, so all the kids end up against Logan? Is Shiv gonna side with Kendall (this feels a bit unlikely, although they are similar). There’s so many balls in the air, I can’t work out where it’s gonna go.
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  14. I think this season will end with Shiv leaving her father's side. Or honestly this could be next episode since she was really mad with Logan and Roman talking business without her.

    Also, anyone notice how this is probably HBO's least racy show? Almost no sex scenes, drug use etc. There's a lot of talk about this stuff obviously but we rarely see it on screen.
  15. Imagine a sex scene with Kendell or Roman, I'm already cringing at the thought.
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  16. I would like to see it
  17. No, he'd be so desperate and weird!

    Again, I thought Bill Starsgard was going to pee on Roman on the last ep. I don't know why but I'm constantly expecting everything Roman does to turn sexual.
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  18. It was Alexander ddd but same! The episode where Roman goes in the bathroom with that guy the Roy's will support for presidency too.
    Tom and Greg had more sexual tension than ever this episode as well, I kept hoping we'd get something.
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  19. Shiv having a complete mental breakdown on the dancefloor and then acting like she was fine had me howling
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