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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Lately, Aug 19, 2020.

  1. I didn't think they'd top last week's so easily but damn... This is probably my favorite Succession episode ever? Heartbreaking and hilarious.
  2. I was winded by all the gut punches. Logan testing his potentially poisoned food on his grandson, Shiv telling her husband she doesn’t love him as foreplay, Roman’s dick, Shiv using it to screw over Gerri. Bloody hell, these people are lethal.
  3. Greg, Shiv and Tom conversation was also hilarious, you could tell the actors were having so much fun with it.
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  4. I finally caught up to the most recent episode after not watching for weeks.

    It’s been a rough season for #TeamShiv…
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  5. That was legit painful and dark to watch.
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  6. It was! I paused it and had to debrief with my boyfriend.
  7. The Rolling Stone recap suggested they might be trying to wrap up Kendall's storyline since he has nowhere to go. He can't leave the company, his attempt to take his father down failed and it seemed like he was literally drowning at the end of the episode. Do you think they would kill off the second most pivotal character in the series?
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  8. This is so.....odd.

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  9. I think the creator said the finale would be bittersweet, didn't he? And a New Yorker profile a week before the finale... maybe they're onto something.
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  10. I can't believe the finale is almost here, this season flew by. I wonder why they're only doing 9 eps this time round.
  11. This season has been cold-hearted and brutal, so I wouldn't be surprised if we culminate it with a big grim shock.

    His arc feels quite "finished" and him dying of suicide makes sense with his story (that has flirted with this concept lots of times before on the series - especially with imagery involving bodies of water).

    I'm thinking how a ruthless development like this would jolt all the other characters into new realities.
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  12. I'm pretty convinced Kendall's done. Succession doesn't really do fake-outs or gotchas. They've been dangling possible ways out for him all season only for him to just sink deeper and deeper so I don't see how things get re-aligned for a next season (the way both previous seasons ended) without a seriously bold decision on the writers' part. Especially given the way the events of the S1 finale were invoked several times this episode.
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  13. I feel like his story could go bleaker, I wouldn't count him out just yet. I'd expect Shiv and him to team up, and maybe actually play dirty and start planting stuff to take his dad down properly. Start using his own strategies against him.
  14. They're doing a lot over the profile, it's kinda funny actually.

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  15. The God.

  16. In front of our faces this whole season!! i--

  17. Wait

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  18. That finale. Matthew Macfadyen just wrapped up that Emmy win
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