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Sufjan Stevens - The Ascension (New Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Consideration, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. Why have I never seen this?
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  2. Me neither?! Sheila is iconic.
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  3. New music video for The Runaround

    The few lyrics are kind of obscured. It’s giving my LADYTRON vibes.

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  4. I really like this. The instrumental is lovely with those Adz-y synths.
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  5. I really like it and agree with the Ladytron comparisons. The vocals are kinda how I expected them to be, if there were any. These are the lyrics from the YouTube description:

    Give me a name
    More than a friend
    More than a metaphor
    More than what you’re waiting for
    An open door

    Show me your face
    Stand in your place
    Send me the reservoir
    Wait are you waiting for
    My troubadour
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  6. "Climb That Mountain" from the Aporia album with Lowell. Sadly no distorted vocals this time, besides some airy vocalisations towards the end, but it's quite nice (in the scheme of this project which I know isn't to everyone's taste).

  7. I've decided Sufjan is the soothing music the world needs right now. Illinois is calming me.
  8. It’s coming early
  9. Listened to the stream, it's exactly what you'd expect it to be. It's enjoyable to me but only something I'd have on in the background while I'm doing something else that needs my focus, or perhaps late night when you want to wind down before bed.
  10. I feel like now is the perfect time for this type of album so I'm ready to be soothed by Sufjan
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  11. A Sufjan livestream is what I need right now.
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  12. New track from Angelo De Augustine with Sufjan on guitar and background vocals. Listen on Bandcamp:

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  13. Can’t believe it’s been 5 years since Carrie & Lowell. I had that album, Art Angels and Divers as my Top 3 of that year but this is the album that I’m still coming back to the most. Honestly it feels like a miracle that an album like it could exist?? I don’t think I’ve come across any other like it since then.

    I’m yet to hear this new collaborative album but I think I’m ready for him to come back for real now.
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  14. I am a patient man, but a solo Sufjan album is needed... now.
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  15. Sufjan seems to have updated his Tumblr profile picture, leading to some speculation that something might be announced soon.

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  16. He's so beautiful, I can't stand it.

    I really hope a new album is coming soon. It's been so long since "Carrie and Lowell".
  17. Releasing something so close to 4th July would be very Sufjan, wouldn't it?

  18. New album in September!

    Single "America" out Friday, with a b-side "My Rajneesh" coming later on July 10.


    1. Make Me An Offer I Cannot Refuse (5:19)
    2. Run Away With Me (4:07)
    3. Video Game (4:16)
    4. Lamentations (3:42)
    5. Tell Me You Love Me (4:22)
    6. Die Happy (5:47)
    7. Ativan (6:32)
    8. Ursa Major (3:43)
    9. Landslide (5:04)
    10. Gilgamesh (3:50)
    11. Death Star (4:04)
    12. Goodbye To All That (3:48)
    13. Sugar (7:37)
    14. The Ascension (5:56)
    15. America (12:30)

    Pre-order CD, LP & Cassette:

    Bandcamp -
    UK/EU -
    US -
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