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Sufjan Stevens - The Ascension (New Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Consideration, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. Wow, what a ride this morning has been. Thrilled for this!
  2. Can’t wait for Sufjan’s cover of Carly!
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  3. Larger photos of the vinyl to... enjoy:




  4. If Death Star doesn’t sample the Imperial March I’ll be severely disappointed
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  5. Why can you only like a post once?
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  6. America (12:30) already had me shook.
  7. Wait, Run Away With Me, Video Game and Landslide? He is coming for that alt-pop crown!
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  9. Dad!

    Please let the “Age of Adz but make it” artwork mean we’re getting something more in line sonically with it.
  10. I knew it was a sign when Carrie & Lowell came back to heavy rotation for me recently. I knew it wasn’t just because I was depressed and feeling like dying for every waking moment for past 5 weeks. I knew it!
  11. That picture of him on the swing is stunning.
  12. I like that he cut to the quick and decided to ascend himself.
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  14. Is the lead single really gonna be 12:30 minute long?
  15. Music is truly the only good thing about 2020 but sweet lord is it good. New Fiona, haim & Jessie Ware reaching the heights of their powers, Perfume Genius delivering a queer masterpiece and now a new surfjan album!!!!!!!!!!
  16. It really is!

    By Sufjan's standards I'm surprised it's so short.
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  17. I need America to be this huge, sprawling moment so I can finally move past the Lana Del Reagan Venice Bitch phase I'm hung up on. So distressing because I have no idea what to expect? Where is his sound going this time?
  18. The artwork and track lengths make me feel it'll probably be something of a follow-up to The Age of Adz and an extension to the Aporia album released with Lowell earlier in the year.

  19. One of the pre-order listings says "The Ascension is musically expansive and sweeping in thematic scope", which you could apply to both Adz and Illinois in terms of kitchen sink arrangements.

    He likes to keep us fed every 5 years. Hope they do something for the 10th anniversary of Adz.
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